WATCH: Woman Humiliates Man Exposing Himself And Forces Him To Do Her Will (VIDEO)

The scene is the NYC Subway system. A man is exposing and playing with himself while riding on a train. A woman who spots his actions of self-gratification and is willing to put up with NONE of it. Apparently, as she stated, she was in ‘one of those moods.’ as she verbally berated and embarrassed the man. By the end of the encounter, the unidentified pervert was sent running off the train just as she told him to. (See video below)

She begins by asking him ‘what are you doing? Are you over there rubbing your d**k? The man seemingly didn’t realize the woman was unappreciative of his show, so apparently, he kept going. Things escalated quickly from there. She tells him ‘do that sh*t off the mother-f***ing train!’ She goes on … ‘Do it again and I am going to get up off this chair and I’m gonna bust your f***ing ass on this train. DO WE F***ING UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER!?!?!? she screamed at him. 

After berating him some more, the woman tells the man that at the next stop, he will get off the train — or deal with her. The man wisely chooses to obey her orders and scampers off the train at the next stop.

‘Get up!’ she demands. ‘Get the f*** up! Get the f*** off this train! She later adds ‘sitting here rubbing on your pe**s! Are you SERIOUS!?!?!? As he departs the train she tells him that she is indeed a ‘crazy b*tch.’ 

I don’t know if she was so much ‘crazy’ as she was bold and brave for standing up to the subway sleazebag. Kudos to her!

Check out the encounter below in this (Warning:NSFW) video;

According to CBS in New York, such crimes have been reported more frequently than in the past.

So far this year, police said 458 in-transit sex crimes have been reported, compared to 299 during the same period last year. But officials say it’s not because more sex offenses are happening. 

Our teams are catching more sex offenders in the act and more women are coming forward knowing that we are committed to aggressively pursuing each criminal complaint,” NYPD Chief of Transit Joe Fox said.

Police said they have also deployed more undercover female officers on trains to help catch suspects in the act, CBS2 reported.

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