Will Rotten Egg Donald Trump Spoil Easter?

As if the world didn’t have enough proof that Donald Trump’s Presidency is an unmitigated disaster, reports have surfaced that with Easter Sunday around the corner, that he and his administration have barely started planning the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a historic tradition for 138 years.

No doubt, this is because he has spent the bulk of his time on the golf course while First Lady Melania Trump is sequestered in a luxury apartment on Manhattan Island.

Melinda Bates, who organized the event during the Clinton years, told The New York Times:

“It’s the single most high-profile event that takes place at the White House each year, and the White House and the first lady are judged on how well they put it on.”

Unfortunately, despite a frantic tweet on February 20, 2017 from Wells Wood Turning, the supplier of the wooden eggs offered as party favors at the event, neither the schoolchildren nor their teachers, nor their parents, nor any military families nor any Congressional Representatives have heard about any particulars, such as how many tickets will be allocated for them.

Because of the White House waiting until the 11th hour to begin serious planning, only half the number of eggs have been ordered compared to last year, and attendance has been projected to be 20,000 — just over half the crowd drawn last year.

In addition, because PBS Kids, the provider of costumes for the Easter Egg Roll received news that about the event so late, they only had the time and resources to prepare costumes for one Sesame Street character this year.

Not only does this turn of events reflect particularly poorly on the failing Trump administration, but also it is quite symbolic, as the Humpty Dumpty metaphor easily comes to mind.

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