Trump’s Wiener Honored With 3-Inch Hot Dog Deal By Chicago Hot Dog Stand

It’s pretty common in the food business to name a dish after a celebrity or politician. Here in my hometown, my husband even has a dish named after him (not that we’re celebrities or anything). So, it totally makes sense to have a three-inch long weenie named after Donald Trump. And yes, it is aptly called a footlong.

The Wiener’s Circle, a Chicago hot dog stand, has created three specials this weekend (March 11 through March 13) offering “microdogs” to welcome The Donald to Chicago. They are of course served Chicago style (mustard, relish, onions, tomato, pickle, peppers and celery salt).


According to World of Wonder:

“You can buy a Trump footlong (one dog), a Trump package (two dogs), or a Trump Super PAC (four dogs with fries and a drink).”

Trump, of course, will be appearing in Chicago for a rally being held at the UIC Pavillion.

Shift supervisor Yolanda Smile spoke about the idea:

“We saw he’s coming to UIC, and we figured that since [Marco] Rubio said that about him, why not run a special while he’s here. It’s just for fun, absolutely not any kind of political statement.”

They are doing a really good job at promoting it too. On Thursday, they posted this on their Facebook page:

“We’ve got the best weekend deals. The other guys, they think they make deals. But we make DEALS. Really spectacular.”

This is all in response to the fact that Trump subtlety (not really) referred to the size of his male anatomy in a previous GOP debate.

If you’re in Chicago, let us know how they taste. I’ve never had a hot dog Chicago style. Make sure you bite extra hard also.

Featured image via DNAInfo.

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