Here Are 10 Christian Theme Memes And The Lowlife ‘Creator’ Who Profits From Them

Whether you like them or not, memes are never going to go away. They are something anyone with minimal skills can make. So, even if they don’t have Photoshop skills, if they have a sense of humor, they can create a masterpiece of virality. If you have Photoshop skills, well, you can make them even more awesome.

So, it’s something anyone can do and participate in for free in their spare time. Except for this guy.

Michael Schaffer is the founder of Christian Memes. Christian Memes is exactly what it sounds like… Christian-themed memes. The point of the site and memes is that it offers “clean online content” which is cool. There are things children shouldn’t see.

Schaffer creates the memes; however, he wants you to support him. For $500 of monthly support, he can produce “brand new, original video content.” For $1000 monthly support, he can do a podcast. If you support him with $1,750 monthly, then he can go part-time.


If he can get the support of Christians, who probably work extremely hard for their hard-earned dismal minimum wage dollars, he can go full-time and use his “gifts and talents to serve the church, whenever and wherever…”


In return for that support, you get newsletters, video chats, access to the Christian Memes Creative Team group on Facebook, you or your brand featured on Christian Memes, and bonus content.

I can hear our senior staff writer and meme aficionado Kyle Neven laughing hysterically right now.

It’s not that I have an issue with Christians. You can believe in whatever you want, but I get to believe in whatever I want too. Pretty easy, right? If I go to Hell, you can holler “I told you so!” from a cloud. I won’t be mad.

However, I have a huge problem with people trying to capitalize on religion by asking for donations so they can make pretty pictures anyone can make. You want positive, clean content? I can make it for you for free! You don’t have to give me a dime. I’ll happily do it because I have fun doing it. Nothing makes me happier than playing in Photoshop.

There are people in churches across this nation that are going in there, putting their money in the collection plate, and hoping for better times. If going to church helps them get through it, great. But you have the gall to ask them to support you to make memes, which are iffy on if they can even be copyrighted?

Go make a dang website and monetize it. Don’t beg people, who are already begging God for better times, for money.

Now, for your enjoyment here are the memes from his FB page.

2016-03-15_14-52-36 2016-03-15_14-53-07 2016-03-15_14-54-03 2016-03-15_14-54-21 2016-03-15_14-55-21 2016-03-15_14-56-05 2016-03-15_14-57-43 2016-03-15_14-58-59 2016-03-15_15-00-03 2016-03-15_15-02-30

All images screenshot from Facebook.


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