How Religion Is Breeding Hate In America

May 14, 2016 M.A. Tobin 0

The next time a bible-thumper tells you that their invisible god is going to punish you for showing kindness to someone who is different from you, tell them that heaven and earth can be the same place. Hate is the only thing that separates them. […]

Kim Davis And Her Lawyer Are A Threat To The Constitution

April 16, 2016 James Conrad 0

Mathew Staver, the attorney who represents embattled Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, infamous for being jailed after denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples, admitted that his law firm, Liberty Counsel, had been advising Republican legislators about drafting up measures that encroach upon LGBT peoples’ rights.

According to CBS, Liberty Counsel had sent lawyers to all 50 states to influence legislators, and as a result, bills were filed in at least 20 states. […]