Crisis Unites Us

January 22, 2017 Veronica Roberts 0

The mood in the country runs along new deep fault lines: divided and concentrated. Those who voted for Donald J Trump are ecstatic at his swearing-in and those who were staunchly opposed are either wringing […]

Olbermann Says Maybe We Should Just Start Calling the U.S. A Fascist Nation Now (VIDEO)

November 4, 2016 Sean Conners 0

Keith asked — ‘When should we reclassify the form of the government of the United States from ‘democracy’ to ‘fascism?’ He wonders if we should wait until the inauguration of Trump? Or in light of the newest revelations coming out of the FBI regarding them perhaps purposefully trying to put their thumb on the scale of the election to favor ‘their candidate’ — should we just go ahead and reclassify it now? […]

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