The Hard Road For Muslims In America Since 9/11

June 15, 2016 James Conrad 0

From 1996, to 2000, hate crimes against Muslims only averaged roughly 25 per year. In 2001, there were nearly 500, with an appreciable bulk doubtlessly happening after September 11. Though there was a sharp decrease to roughly 150 the following year, the average yearly number of prejudicial crimes against Muslims has fluctuated between approximately 100 and 150, more than five times the yearly average before September 11. […]


April 30, 2016 Indy Annie 0

“Why is this word considered the “Queen Mother of Bad Words,” as Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” so solemnly opined.” A now-former 911 dispatcher hangs up on a hysterical teenaged girl, all because she let’s an “F-bomb” slip in a moment of panic. Like he’s never heard that word before…. […]

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