Gluttonous Hate Pastor Calls For Boycott Over Rainbow Fries, Pride Month Support

Joshua Feuerstein, McDonalds Rainbow Fries

The latest faux outrage boycott in the booked itinerary of Christian conservatives centers around yet another food item: McDonald’s released a rainbow package for their famous fries for June, Pride Month, as designated by former President Obama. Joshua Feuerstein, American evangelist, internet personality, and professional at self-martyrdom immediately took to Facebook to call them “DISGUSTING” with the signature all-caps. We haven’t seen such fake furor over rainbows since the rainbow Doritos debacle.

Joshua previously made an overblown stink about Starbuck’s red Holiday cups, so going to war with McDonald’s until the next faux outrage moment arrives is a familiar, comfortable ground, sure to drive more clicks and fanatical comments on his page: a surefire formula for more attention reminiscent of Donald’s constant incoherent narcissistic tweets.

Feuerstein’s Facebook post:

“DISGUSTING! McDonald’s released their RAINBOW FRIES today in honor of GAY PRIDE! Im tired of corporations trying to influence our families like this. SHARE THIS and let people know to STOP EATING at McDonalds! Plus, their food is crap. Really.”

A couple days later, he decided to boycott Macy’s as well for their rainbow post of two men’s arms holding hands with the statement, “Love always wins.❤️ ? ? ? ?”

Feuerstein: “Well … Macy’s decided to push the gay agenda! Looks like they lost my business too! It’s time to boycott businesses that push the homosexual agenda. Click SHARE and let others know … let them feel it in their pocketbook!”

Feuerstein then got his real chance to play the martyr with a video in which he claims to have received over 1,000 hateful messages from “the radical LGBT community” after posting his call to boycott McDonald’s  and Macy’s. He claims many of the comments attacked his weight, but to be fair, gluttony is clearly mentioned in Biblical context, so using the Bible to attack same-sex love will tend to reveal glass houses.

Feuerstein also claims numerous comments called for acts of violence on his family, which are certainly wrong and extremist. It must be said, however, that extremism proliferates more extremism. Certainly, there is a lesson to be learned there and it seems even our own sitting president hasn’t learned that one yet.

Feuerstein, who has stated in the past that his page isn’t for “liberal snowflakes” who are easily offended and looking for a “safe place” revealed that he doesn’t feel safe himself:

“Now you guys get to know what I get to deal with. You guys wonder why it is that I love guns? Well, because guns protect me from these moronic idiots,” said Feuerstein in his Facebook video.

Found graphic summing up American conservatism in two Feuerstein quotes
Found graphic summing up American conservatism in two Feuerstein quotes

Feuerstein then makes the doubtful statement in his video: “I have gay friends.” Sounds similar to Trump, who so far isn’t acknowledging Pride Month. The jury is out on whether he does so out of spite to Obama or out of a collaboration with religious supremacists like Mike Pence.

“You want to know what the gay people in my life say? Josh, if they only knew the real you. How about my super gay barista that I see every single morning? And we sit down and we talk and I love on him, alright?,” states Feuerstein.

(No comment on if this was a Starbucks, and we’ll leave the obvious innuendo aside.)

Feuerstein claims that he doesn’t fight people but ideologies backed up by his “Biblical principles.” He doesn’t mention that his ideology is actually quite extremist. He once called on Christians to assassinate abortion providers, for example.  He also took a video of himself holding a machine gun, inciting an armed revolution against gay people. So much for fighting ideologies instead of people? Can one fight an ideology with a machine gun?

He had on on-air meltdown over the Starbucks Holiday Cup, which was simply red and lacking any religious graphics. Feuerstein implied that Starbucks supported the “genocide of millions of innocent little babies” and labeled it “abortion coffee” without any proof at all inciting violence against abortion providers.

“It’s much more than just a cup!” Feuerstein said. “The cup is very symbolic … It parallels a society that is trying to remove Christmas from Christmas! … Here in America, 73 percent of people identify as Christian! We’re founded on Judeo-Christian principles!,” said Feuerstein.

In his latest video, Feuerstein also shows disbelief that “this stuff is allowed to go on,” implying that if he had his way he would do more than boycott fries. The logical conclusion: he would outlaw same-sex marriage and let religious beliefs dictate law, which is what liberals since the Founding Fathers have been vehemently against. We know that ultimately this isn’t about french fries or red cups but about restricting rights using religion. We know where this talk of fighting ideologies leads, and it’s a dark space resembling a crazed theocracy.

Moreover, it has been the Christian conservatives who want corporations like Hobby Lobby to have the same rights as people, conveniently furthering their agenda of allowing religious ideology to restrict employees. Now, when McDonald’s and Macy’s are using their free speech, the same people are offended, as pointed out in the ironic tweet below:

Feuerstein claims he will be visiting Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Ted Cruz at a conference this week. Pence has been called “the most powerful Christian supremacist in U.S. history” by The Intercept. We can only wonder what extremist agenda they have in mind for America. Actually it’s pretty obvious really. Boycotting food items are merely a diversion from more perilous moves into far right fascist territory for America. As Trump attempts to suppress one religion in America with his “travel/Muslim ban,” he empowers our own Christian religious extremists here at home. Extremists like Feuerstein should not be meeting with the highest elected officials in Washington, yet that is today’s toxic climate thanks in large part to the evangelical votes of people like him.

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