Church Pushes Sadistic Cure For Autism On Vulnerable Families (VIDEO)

Jim Humble selling bleach to cure autism
MMS is not a cure for Autism, that doesn't stop this church from saying so.

If your child swallowed bleach, what would you do? What if they had a disorder like Autism, and you couldn’t be sure they could communicate to you how it was affecting them, even if it was a small amount?

Like most parents, you would likely call poison control, or 911, or even rush them to an ER. A despicable “church” running a scam is pushing families to poison their Autistic children with exactly that: industrial bleach. They claim it “cures” autism, and have a catchy name for it “Miracle Mineral Solution,” or MMS.

Autism can not be “cured,” it is a neurodevelopmental disorder, not a disease. However, this group of faithful believe that giving children small doses of poison will somehow make them neurotypical (normal, in layman’s terms). Nothing could be farther from the truth,

Nothing could be farther from the truth, it is dangerous. Even more horrifying, a quick search for this”cure” will reveal that these people are by far not the only ones selling this quackery. Taking advantage of parents desperate for a “cure” to something that just is a part of their child.

All of those people are preying on innocents and torturing children, and all of them got the idea from this man. However, his group, in particular, is using the abomination of “faith” to lend their barbarism credibility.

The Genisis II Church of Health and Healing (yes, really) is lead by a crackpot that claims to literally have “come down to Earth from another galaxy.” (Pics or it didn’t happen, Mr. Crazypants.) The flim-flam man, Jim Humble, calls himself an archbishop and along with his cronies makes internet videos hawking the ingredients to make this “cure” as a sacrament available for “donations.”

For those not familiar with Christianity, a sacrament is a deeply sacred act: like communion, in which eating a cracker with wine symbolizes ingesting Christ himself. They are selling this as an outward sign of deep faith in God — literally using faith to push poison on children for profit.

From ABC News:

But as wacky as he may sound, it appears that he and other church leaders have prospered, using slick internet videos promoting the “miracle cure,” MMS, and calling it a church sacrament available for anyone offering “donations.” One website offered five sets of chemicals to make MMS for “donations” of $95.99.

It is estimated that thousands, yes thousands, of desperate parents may have bought this “miracle cure,” according to ABC news. Some, like Roland Eggers, looked deeper when seeking help for his 12-year-old autistic son. What he found out about the “Cure” he could only describe as, literally, “evil.”

Eggers said:

They’ve got their own Facebook group. There are people admitting to using this stuff on their children. Children are experiencing symptoms,” Eggers said. “You are doing it at the expense of these defenseless children. How, how, how can you not call that evil?

There is nothing else to call it. These parents, many of them, are unwitting in a scheme that plays on their deepest desire: to help their child be “normal.” Humble is a disgusting person and deserves to be prosecuted, and no, forming the church doesn’t stop that from happening. Some have already been

However, him hiding in Mexico while he continues to sell this heinous torture to families does make it more difficult. He is still saying that his concoction will cure Autism, for which he can be tried, but he is squatting like a toad beyond the border, ostensibly to avoid prosecution.

If there is anything the internet can do, it is to make this toad infamous so it is harder for him to dupe people into hurting their children.

Watch the video here:


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