‘Good Christian’ Church Organist Arrested After Failed Glory Hole Attempt

Jerry Childress, an organist at Faith Evangelical Protestant Church, was arrested for indecent exposure after a glory hole attempt went wrong.

Jerry Childress, a 75-year-old church organist from Florida, was arrested for indecent exposure after a glory hole attempt went wrong.

The church organist’s trials and tribulations began on July 12th, in a small restroom with nary a transgender person in sight. The Smoking Gun reports:

According to cops, a worker operating a street sweeper on July 12 stopped to use the restroom at a small park in Brooksville, a Tampa suburb. While in a stall, the man told police, a man entered the restroom and went into the adjoining stall

As the unsuspecting street sweeper operator began to do his usual bathroom businessLO AND BEHOLD — he was confronted with the repellent sight of the church organist’s, erm, organ poking through a hole in the wall of the bathroom stall.

Or, as the police report drily mentions, the church organist “shoved his penis through the divider wall and waited.”

The “agitated” victim subsequently confronted Childress, who “promptly exited the restroom and fled the scene on foot.” Though cops responding to a 911 call were unable to locate the suspect, the victim–who returned to working in the vicinity of the park–subsequently spotted Childress exiting a wooded area.

Jerry Childress fled after the incident, but the street sweeper couldn’t let it go. When he got in his car and drove away, the victim tailed him from behind the wheel of his street sweeper.

On July 19, this unfortunate soul was arrested and taken to the Hernando County Jail, was then held on a $1,000 bond, and is scheduled for a court hearing on August 10.

The church organist belongs to an anti-gay “Christian” church.

So where did the trail lead? Straight to the steps of the Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brooksville, FL. Having tracked down his quarry, our intrepid street sweeper called the police again.

You’d almost feel sorry for this guy. After all, the hapless Jerry Childress had likely arranged to meet a consenting adult to perform a mutually consensual act and then this street sweeper guy showed up.  But it turns out this church organist is yet another “Christian” hypocrite from one of those hateful, anti-gay churches. Here’s what the FAQs for this denomination’s website has to say about “issues like homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia.”

We look to the Bible as a rule of faith and practice on such issues. For example, we believe that homosexual practice, like many other behaviors, is sinful. Regarding abortion, we believe the Bible does not distinguish between prenatal and postnatal life, thereby attributing personhood to an unborn child. Our positions on these and other issues can be found in our Position Papers.

This doctrine is sick, twisted and downright abusive. Lord only knows how many young people in that congregation are growing up feeling like something’s wrong with them because they’re physically attracted to members of their own sex.

Plus, he’s married. For the sake of his first and second wife, let’s all hope this church organist has been protecting his organ.

When the police questioned Jeffrey Childress, the church organist, he “admitted the entire incident” The Smoking Gun adds that Jerry Childress has been the church organist for Faith Church for 10 years.

On his LinkedIn page, Childress notes that, “I am the Principle organist for the church which is a paid position, but I do it because of my love of playing organ music and giving my gift back to God.”

A cached version of the Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s website features a brief bio of the church organist.

Jerry Childress is the musician that leads worship on Sunday mornings. His prelude pieces on the organ as worship is beginning mark the service with dignity and splendor as the gathering worshippers prepare their hearts for corporate praise.

So since this church organist would likely appreciate our prayers, let’s pray he repents and stops propping up a faith that abuses and discriminates against gay people.

Below are images with the Brooksville Police Dept. press release, the arrest warrant, and Jerry Childress’ church biography (before it was deleted). Click on an image to enlarge.


Featured image: Facebook (since removed) via The Smoking Gun.

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