Where In The World Is Ivanka Trump? Conspicuously Missing In Dad’s Defense (Video)

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Ivanka Trump at the Republican National Convention

Before the vulgar tape of her father surfaced, Ivanka Trump had been prominently by his side as one of his top advisers. She was one of the headliners at the Republican National Convention in June, even unveiling childcare legislation and many hailed her the star of the week’s festivities.  It was apparent that Donald Trump valued her input more than his other children.

During a Barbara Walters Special interview with the adult Trump children, Ivanka was said to be her father’s favorite. In fact, she seemed to strangely fill the role of First Lady to be, always by the Republican presidential nominee’s side on the talk show circuit instead of wife Melania. That’s why her absence since the lewd audio broke, is so conspicuous. Where in the world is Ivanka?

A successful businesswoman herself, the married mother of three has always spoken in glowing terms of her father and he of her. She has been up to now, one of his staunchest defenders and so one would have expected her to come out swinging in defense of her father’s integrity. She has said he has the utmost regards for women so who better to speak of his honor to female voters than his daughter. If he is the man of integrity she said he was, shouldn’t she be shouting that from the rooftops? During an interview with CNN in 2015, Ivanka spoke of Trump hiring more women than any other company and boasted of them occupying that rarefied air at the top usually reserved for white men.

When asked about her dad’s treatment of women like Rosie O’Donnell, Fox’s Megyn Kelly and his primary opponent, Carly Fiorina, Ivanka chalked up his controversial statements as him just being Trump, an equal opportunity blunt talker. Remember he poked fun at Fiorina’s face, called O’Donnell “a fat big,” and ranted crudely about blood coming out of Kelly. But Ivanka insists he has always supported and respected women and would be incredible for the female electorate if elected president.

Click on the video below to hear her also expound on Trump’s organization being at the forefront of equality and affordable childcare for women. Even though that is a grossly misleading statement. Trump reportedly provides childcare only for guests at his hotels.

She has also asked America to judge her father by his results. Maybe that’s why she is in hiding because she couldn’t possibly defend the indefensible? For if voters are to take her at her word, then he needs to be judged on what he said on the lewd audio as well, not just his tall gaudy buildings blocking the skyline in New York’s Manhattan.

His two adult sons have been trying to defend daddy but has only managed to show voters the apple is very much like the tree.

So at the risk of sounding redundant, where in the world is daddy’s favorite daughter Ivanka? Why isn’t she out there hitting the talk show circuits in defense of the man she said held women in the highest regard and would be “incredible” for women as president?

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