You Won’t Believe How Lou Dobbs Just Endangered a Woman’s Life

It has been an uphill battle for women throughout the centuries, most assuredly, they are fighters. They endure through this struggle as they always have. They are constantly fighting the good fight one battle at a time as they edge up the mountainous war of equality. It would seem that part of this never ending struggle is having their good names dragged through the mud when trying to defend themselves against sexual predators.

Trump has been accused of unwelcome sexual conduct throughout his life and his victims have always been shamed. This leaves no exception for Jessica Leeds as Fox News Business anchor, Lou Dobbs, has no doubt proven. Dobbs recently took it upon himself to retweet a nasty attack on Ms. Leeds originally made by Michael Delauzon. The tweet detailed Ms. Leeds personal information including her phone number and address in what is an apparent violation of privacy against an innocent victim.


Dobbs retweeted stating “This is the dirtiest campaign in history” and yes it is, here is another aspect of it. Unfortunately this aspect has a bystander and a purported victim of sexual assault placed in jeopardy.

In the United States only 344 of every 1000 sexual assaults are reported. It is individuals that marginalize victims and consequently the atrocious act that thousands of women around the world suffer through that prevent women from coming forward. A marginalization that has allowed for many predators to walk free and perpetrate their heinous crimes upon others again and again.

Twitter has since removed the tweet but the damage has been done and Ms. Leeds’ life may very well be at risk. Considering the propensity for violence we have seen at certain political rallies time and again, we can be almost certain that this woman may now find herself in considerable danger.


How would Mr. Dobbs feel were somebody to publish his address and personal phone number? Maybe Michael Delauzon would finally understand the horrifying act he has committed if someone posted the address where he sleeps at night in safety. Maybe if there were ever any repercussion from this act it might teach people that marginalize victims the error of their ways. But they won’t suffer any consequences.

Today they will eat dinner in safety. Tonight they will sleep well without fear. Tomorrow they will walk down the street of whatever city they may dwell in. They will not fearfully look over their shoulders as they go about their days.

Today Ms. Leeds will have to change her number. She is probably at a friend or family member’s residents looking for a new place to call home. Tonight, when she sleeps, she might wake up in a panic because of a creaking house as she wonders if somebody has broken in, looking to victimize her further. Tomorrow when she walks down the street she will cast furtive glances over her shoulder, trying to spy some unseen predator. When she eats her dinner the food may taste bland as she mulls over her decision, the choice she made to place a name and face to her aggressor.

Yet another travesty will occur when other women see how she has been treated in such a hateful manner. They too will wonder if they shouldn’t just bury the shame and the abuse. They will feel fear a second time. A fear that they may have their names sullied even further by somebody because they were tired of being victims.

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