Sexist Boss Reports Co-Worker To HR For Menstruating At Work And Women Are Fuming

How do women cope with a painful period at work? It's often not easy, especially when your boss is a jerk. And this woman's boss is a doozy.

How do women cope with a painful period at work? It’s often not easy, especially when your boss is a jerk. And some bosses are real pieces of work.

In one extreme case, a mom asked other women in an online forum for parents whether she was out of line for being “furious for being called out for menstruating at work?”

The woman, who went by the handle “Snuffalo,” wrote that she was having horrible cramps from her period at work and Naproxen wasn’t working. She then recalled she had a hot water bottle in her desk so she “nestled it” in her lap and got back to work.

Then her “sort-of-supervisor” — who she called “Guy” — came by to ask her something, saw the hot water bottle, and flippantly asked, “there’s no way you’re cold today, are you?” She replied, “um, no, [it’s] just for the pain relief.”

Apparently when he realized she was dealing with cramps from her period, he was traumatized.

“He then then “looks confused and then literally horrified and then he walks away.”

But you won’t believe what happened next.

Less than ten minutes later, I get a Slack message from one of the HR admins (HR is based in another office a few hours away) to say “Guy says you’re not well and should go home, everything OK?”

The woman replied that she was fine and just dealing with her normal period cramps. But instead of laughing it off or calling “Guy” to the carpet, the Human Resources director called a meeting to say she shouldn’t talk about her medical problems at work because “it can make them uncomfortable.”

Figuring she’d been misunderstood, the woman explained what happened. But the HR director replied:

“Yes I understand, if you’re so unwell you need a hot water bottle you should be home, Guy is extremely uncomfortable and it’s unprofessional.”

Snuffalo said she was “completely flabbergasted,” since “Guy has been known to take meetings with clients whilst laying flat on the floor on his back because of back problems.” She, on the other hand, would never bring her hot water bottle to a client meeting.

To add insult to injury, others  in her office use all kinds of products for physical ailments at work, so why should a hot water bottle for her period be such a problem?

Other people have standing desks, weird foot rests, all kinds of chairs and special backrests for their back pain and wrist braces for their wrist pain and a hundred other things and I’m not allowed to have a hot water bottle for my menstrual cramps? Am I right to be completely fucking furious?

Although “Guy” isn’t her direct report, he does her performance reviews and signs off on her vacation time.

Twitter weighs in on Guy’s period problems.

The woman got plenty of support in the forum, and then a Twitter user posted screenshots and snarkily tweeted, “People menstruate, Guy.” She then added, “Imagine being so immature that you complain to HR about someone on their period.”

Rachel Hawkins then chimed in with a message for “poor little snowflake guy.”

Tori Hanabi then couldn’t resist punning, “He’s a BROFLAKE!”

Meanwhile Emmeline May unloaded on the clueless boss as she fired off a volley of tweets.

The man’s likely a Republican because he, too, seems to see having a uterus as a pre-existing medical condition.

Catherine Ward weighed into say that actually, she’d enjoy all that time off.

Alas, that won’t fly either. This woman took just one day off for three months in a row and got chewed out.

And it wasn’t just women who were mad. Men were outraged as well. Max Rocket suggested posting some feedback about the company.

Another couldn’t believe what he was reading.

Normally, you’d take something like this to Human Resources. But Snuffalo has one doozy of an HR department.

A man chimed in to say his HR department would never put up with that kind of BS.

After all, a core function of HR is to avoid lawsuits against the company from current or ex-employees.

Many women sail through their menstrual cycles with little or no trouble. But in Oct. 2016, The Guardian reported on a BBC survey that found over half of working women in the UK say they’ve had period cramps so painful they interfered with their jobs.

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