Republican Busted Using Taxpayer Funds To Secretly Pay Off Sexual Harassment Suit

Sexual Harassment

A Oklahoma State Representative just got busted misusing taxpayer dollars to secretly pay off a former legislative assistant and her attorneys in a sexual harassment suit.

The Party Of Family Values Seemingly Always Has Somebody Under Fire For Sexual Harassment Or Misconduct.

Dan Kirby, a Republican State Representative from Oklahoma, allegedly began his sexual harassment of Hollie Anne Bishop shortly after she had begun working for him as a legislative assistant in January of 2015.  Bishop claims she was terminated without cause in November of that year in retaliation for reporting the harassment.

Ms. Bishop accepted a $28,414.20 payment from the disgraced Representative, online records show. Her Edmond attorneys accepted a $16,085.80 payment for a total payment of $44,500.

Standard issue stuff. We can now move on. No real news here.

But wait, there’s more.

It appears the crooked Dan Kirby swindled the taxpayers of the state of Oklahoma by utilizing their money meant to fund the state House of Representatives to pay off Ms. Bishop.

Dan Kirby refused to respond to requests for comment. Activists are currently calling for his immediate resignation. Judging by the man’s crooked actions he may have to be forced out of office, costing Oklahoma taxpayers substantially more.

Justin Meek, Bishop’s lead attorney, said he could not fully discuss the matter with The Oklahoman. However, he did have this to say:

“The only comment I can provide is that the matter has been resolved and concluded. Ms. Bishop … relocated from the Oklahoma City area, started a new career and is happy with her life. She is a great person with a bright future.”

Who authorized the transference of funds still remains a mystery. The former Speaker, Jeff Hickman, could not be reached for comment.

Speaker-elect Charles McCall has already taken steps to remind representatives of issues like sexual harassment. Because, you know, you need to do that with adults that are in charge of running a state because they can’t figure it out on their own.

“Since I became speaker-elect in November, House Republican lawmakers have attended a seminar on professional conduct and appropriate workplace behavior. The House continues to encourage both elected lawmakers and House staff to be mindful of the level of professionalism that is expected of all of us while serving Oklahomans in the House of Representatives.” – Charles McCall

The settlement, of course, came before any public suit was filed against Kirby. A written demand for compensation was submitted to the House in January.

“Rep. Kirby’s actions were unwanted, unwarranted and continued throughout Ms. Bishop’s employment and created a hostile work environment,” Justin Meek wrote in the tort claim.

Kirby has been a State Representative since 2008 and recently beat his Democratic rival Karen Gaddis by a narrow margin.

“I am of course disappointed that the voters have put into play, once again, somebody who does not reflect Oklahoma values,” Gaddis said.

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