Piers Morgan Is Throwing A Fit Over The Women’s March On DC

Piers Morgan has been throwing Twitter-tantrums condemning women that are marching for their rights in Washington D.C. The former CNN anchor mansplained that this is obviously just to protest the fair election of Trump to the nation’s highest office. Not to protect their rights.

Piers Morgan is currently back across the pond in jolly old England where even women in London are protesting Trump in solidarity with their American sisters. Over 100,000 protesters have raised their voices in defiance of a leader in another nation. That is how globally hated Trump is.

Piers decided to kick off his woman-hating Saturday morning with an old argument often used by the oppressor to marginalize the oppressed. Perhaps you have heard it before in other guises. A personal favorite being “what if we had White Entertainment Television? Why is it okay that they have Black Entertainment Television?” Well, pretty much every channel is white entertainment. Now take that argument and watch Piers Morgan bend it to suit his needs.

Nobody, Piers. Nobody is with you. Because women fighting for equality is not emasculating to real men. We fight next to them.

No Piers. We don’t wait for monsters to gather strength before we fight back. Our actions must be swift and sure.

Morgan has even taken to attacking his colleagues that have expressed disdain for his misogynistic rants. He attacked writers from Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and made a passing attempt at some form of slut-shaming of Lily Allen.

Nevermind that Piers Morgan is all about salacious bullsh*t. He is the male version of Nancy Grace. He really has no room to speak ill of Buzzfeed.

Oliver Burkeman from The Guardian tweeted this in response to Morgan’s men’s march. Morgan decided he would attack the entire organization.

Now going after colleagues is one thing. But trying to attack somebody using an obviously staged photo is just low. Shame on you Piers Morgan.

One can be certain that they are not alone when they quietly thank the powers that be for sending Piers Morgan back to England. One less misogynist to deal with here in the states. And we certainly have enough.

(featured image via feeling my age)

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