Mansplaining Billboard In North Carolina Under Protest (Video)

Update: News about the results of the protest can be found here:

An anonymous group paid $2,000 to post a message on a billboard in Winston-Salem, North Carolina along Business 40. The message, “Real men provide, Real women appreciate it.” The purpose of this sign has been speculated to have given a literal platform to misogynist views one might expect in 50s America, but not so much in 2017. Protesters are expected to protest the message of the sign on Sunday right underneath it.

The message is being attributed to “mansplanations” and an attempt to roll back ideas about women’s equality – a possible backlash to the news coverage of the Women’s March and Trump protests across the country. As Michael Moore sarcastically pointed out on Twitter, 63% of white men and 53% of white women voted for Trump despite prevailing Republican attitudes against equal pay and rights in the workforce. It would be a total shock if the group who shelled out 2 grand for this waste of space didn’t vote for Trump.

A Winston-Salem business owner, Molly Grace, is leading the peaceful demonstration Sunday at 11 a.m. About two-hundred people have expressed interest in joining so far. WXII 12 News interviewed her to find out why she felt the need to protest the billboard. She wants to start a discussion about the meaning of the sign, and why she finds it an unacceptable message in today’s society.

“I take it also as a very deliberate jab at women who demand equality and demand to be seen as equals and those who are vocal,” said Molly. “So to me, it’s also a very blatant statement about wanting to silence women and tell them to just accept the way things are.”

Many misogynist comments can be found in response to the video by WXII 12 posted to YouTube. A video from a man with a YouTube channel literally called, “Mansplained” reacted with animosity and verbal cursing attacks directed toward Molly for daring to protest. We won’t post the vile video here, but it may give a look into the backward mindset of people who approve of messages like this.

“You need to stop throwing the word, misogyny around until you learn what the f*ck it means. I’m not a misogynist. I’m not a woman hater because I understand basic biological roles, Molly. Ok. That’s my first issue, is this constant slandering of people who want to do things differently,” said the angry YouTuber. He goes on to curse and insult Molly, asserting that men pay for all single women’s costs of living through “working all the time” and paying taxes.

“Even if you are a proud strong single mom – independent women, you are f*cking living off men. You are just lying to yourself, everyone else, and destroying society. And that’s not enough, you also have to slander everyone else who’s trying to do the normal thing,” said the vitriolic young man with dramatic gesticulations.

Does this man represent the mindset of some Trump voters, who believe that making America great is bringing us back into the era of the 50s, where women struggled to enter the male-dominated workforce? Do they not understand that because of today’s economy, that most middle-class American couples have no choice but to enter the workforce together to support the rising costs of living? If only the American dream meant that one male or female spouse could afford to stay home with the family, but that dream has largely been destroyed, in large part by Republican trickle-down economics.

Are the people who paid for this billboard unaware of today’s economics in addition to just having patriarchal and misogynist views? Lastly, what do they hope to accomplish by posting these views on a billboard? If these views are so important and if they are actually proud of them, why do they remain anonymous?

See the video about the billboard below:

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