How Bill O’Reilly’s Fall From Fox Could Be A Trump Impeachment By Proxy (Video)

O'Reilly's ouster may be how trump gets impeached
Bill O'Reilly's ouster from Fox is a Trump impeachment by proxy according to Olbermann

Now that Bill O’Reilly really isn’t a factor anymore, Keith Olbermann, correspondent of GQ Magazine, is taking a look at the precedent set by the boycotts and pressure of the public. In specific, how it applies to Trump’s  The pressure drove advertisers like Mercedes-Benz to pull their advertising from the Fox News anchor’s time slot leaving Fox scrambling to figure out what to do as they hemorrhaged revenue.

That’s why Fox terminated O’Reilly. It wasn’t some newfound disgust with womanizing and sexually harassing women in the workplace. It wasn’t him applying economic pressure to women trying to get ahead in life in order to force them into a sexual encounter. It was money. That is all. Had companies like BMW of North America not pulled their advertisements, 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News, would have never fired Bill O’Reilly as is evidenced in an article from the New York Times:

“…inside Fox News, three women who work in the newsroom said that the continued support of Mr. O’Reilly by Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, led them to question whether the company was committed to maintaining a work environment ‘based on trust and respect,’ as executives had promised last summer after the network’s founding chairman, Roger E. Ailes, was ousted. The employees requested anonymity because they feared retaliation for speaking publicly.”

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That these three women feared retaliation can be seen as an example of nothing having changed at Fox. The harassment will continue. Whoever happens to be paid for their silence after having their careers ruined by another womanizing male Fox anchor will simply be more evidence of how conservatives consider women. It didn’t change after Ailes was canned and there is no reason to believe it will change because of Bill O’Reilly either.

But what message can we take from this? What good can come out of forcing the rich to do the bidding of the people by applying economic pressure? Keith Olbermann is about to break it all down for you on how the firing of Bill O’Reilly is the impeachment of Trump by proxy.

Watch his video below:

Featured image Bill O’Reilly via Flikr, CC 2.0, The Hudson Union Society

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