The Haunting, Hilarious Portrayal Of A “Conservative Wish List” You Must See

This Conservative Wish List is dead on, though absolutely haunting, and thoroughly entertaining. Stephen Colbert's show nailed it.
Stephen Colbert made time for a conservative wish list... it is scary

The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert presented the world with a satirical beauty of a video on Thursday, calling out the GOP’s incomprehensible set of priorities. These are reflected in their nearly universally despised healthcare bill. Most of us have a mental picture of the “conservative wish list,” and it looks pretty severe, austere and homogenous.

Paul Ryan uttered the words regarding this heartless, oncoming massacre of a health care bill: “it’s a conservative wish list.” It boggles the mind that anything in this bill, from its 24 million expected deaths, to its stupendous hike in rates for seniors would be seen as any compassionate human being’s “wish list.” But we didn’t say they dream of stripping people of their healthcare, giving tax cuts to the rich, and gouging the poor for their public television and health care — they did.

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Perhaps the single most offensive thing is the sheer volume of money and resources they send to the richest Americans and the biggest corporations. All while stripping already struggling, hardworking Americans of the small amount of security and health afforded by our social safety net. Oh, and making sure everyone, and we do mean everyone, gets a gun. Did we mention the guns?

Time magazine published a piece on a less satirical wish list, also; this is not that kind of list. This is an in your face, this is what your actions say to the rest of the country about your priorities, “are you sure you really want to be that guy?”, kind of list. Oh, and did we mention guns?

WATCH: Steven Colbert tears into the GOP’s “Conservative wish list.”

Featured image via screen capture, The Late Show

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