As America Was Distracted By Wiretaps, Trump Was Quietly Doing Bannon’s Bidding

Stephen Bannon

Trump recently levied accusations at President Barack Obama claiming the former President had wiretaps at Trump Tower and was illegally surveilling him. And the media had a field day. Nevermind that the accusation would either allude to a FISA court warrant being issued to monitor Trump’s communications with foreign interests or that Trump was simply too mentally deficient to see the insanity of the suggestion.

Of course Spicer is now sticking up for Trump and claiming that Trump didn’t really mean it. However, this tale of wiretaps is all we have been spoon fed for days because it is a “gotcha” moment that the media and the public. Something we can relish as Trump squirms under the scrutiny of his accusations. Or is he even squirming?

This accusation of wiretaps and illegal surveillance seems to have been one massive distraction from what would come the following week when Trump signed an Executive Order on Monday, March 13th that seeks to limit and even eliminate government agencies he deems wasteful. By “he” we of course mean the real man in charge, President Steve Bannon.

Our Government Is Under Attack From Within And All We Hear Is “Wiretaps”

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the Executive Order reads:

“Within 180 days after the closing date for the submission of suggestions… the Director shall submit to the President a proposed plan to reorganize the executive branch in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of agencies. The proposed plan shall include, as appropriate, recommendations to eliminate unnecessary agencies, components of agencies, and agency programs, and to merge functions. The proposed plan shall include recommendations for any legislation or administrative measures necessary to achieve the proposed reorganization.”

Very little has been actually reported on this order from the White House. Ho hum headlines would make it seem unimportant and trivial that Trump and Bannon just began a wholesale assault on agencies like the EPA. An agency charged with ensuring that we don’t get leukemia from taking a shower or black lung from breathing our air.

No these headlines read “Trump signs executive order aiming to trim government costs” from CNBC or “Trump signs executive order to cut costs of federal government” from CBS. Yeah, cut costs by destroying and weakening agencies that keep companies from passing off harmful products to the public or that ensure the children of our nation are properly educated. Way to down play it guys. It isn’t sensationalism if the topic is actually sensational.

Steve Bannon is well-known as claiming to be a Leninist hellbent on destroying the what he refers to as “the establishment”. Something entirely different from what Senator Sanders would refer to as “the establishment” so let’s not confuse the two. No, Sanders actually supports regulatory agencies that protect us. Bannon simply sees them as speed bumps to success. When those agencies are weakened or dissolved those speed bumps may turn into human bodies.

Is there a way we can fight back? Well, yes, in a way. Trump’s executive Order did have one little clause that I implore you, dear reader, to utilize to the fullest extent possible.

“The Director shall publish a notice in the Federal Register inviting the public to suggest improvements in the organization and functioning of the executive branch and shall consider the suggestions when formulating the proposed plan.”

This means that we as the public can apply pressure with repeated contact made daily. Call your Senators and Representatives in the House. Here is a site where you can find your Representatives and Senators. Use the power of the people. Right now, it is all we have to stop Bannon’s agenda to destroy what has taken over a 100 years to create.

Notices for suggestions have not been published as of yet, but when they are you can find them on the White House website here.

PAY ATTENTION! They will likely make an attempt to publish these notices as quietly as Trump signed this Executive Order: with little to no fanfare. Remember, Bannon wants to “deconstruct the administrative state“, he does not want your opinion. He does not want this to be a big deal. And it seems our media has been inadvertently complicit with these wishes as they guffaw over Trump’s idiotic tweets.

News reports concerning Trump’s accusation of wiretaps are unimportant. We know it’s bullshit. Fight for our government agencies that protect us. Do not let history show that we laid down with our bellies exposed as the quality of life millions of Americans have died for is stolen out from under us. Resist.

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