Wiki-Liar Julian Assange’s Week Was As Bad As Trump’s


LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where Republicans thought WikiLeaks/WikiLies spokesman Julian Assange was actually going to reveal evidence that Hillary Clinton is not worthy to be POTUS.


Those of us who dwell in the real world were not at all surprised that he totally failed to deliver last Tuesday, since the previous 14 or 15 “Breaking News” announcements produced nothing.


Republicans, however, are now totally aware that they have saddled themselves with an albatross as their candidate for president, that in all likelihood will bring down the entire party in a ball of flames that will make the Hindenburg disaster look like a neighborhood wiener roast. The only avenue of hope that has any chance of saving their ass is to somehow make Hillary less desirable than their candidate.


That is going to be a tough row to hoe! He was humiliated at the first debate and it has been all-downhill since then. His numbers have crashed in every legitimate poll. His leaked tax documents show a $900M loss from his failed casinos. How do you lose that much money in a business that is “rigged” in the house’s favor? He pays no taxes. Major conservative newspapers that have never endorsed a Democrat, are getting behind Hillary. He objectifies women, to put it mildly, and he even called vets with PTSD “weak”.


Fox News is so out of it that they had Chachi on to discuss the GOP candidates tax issues. No shit! Neil Cavuto was interviewing fucking Chachi, their resident tax expert, about the tax issues. How pathetic is that?


As I see it, Republicans have one option and they are most unlikely to take it because it entails admitting they screwed the pooch. If they totally disavow their candidate and let him see how far his “deplorables” can take him, they could salvage a modicum of integrity and in the long run save the GOP. Keep an eye out for rats leaving a sinking party. One thing is certain. Whatever they do, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next POTUS!


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