Why Republicans Are Blocking Immigration Reform

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why Republicans are so against any kind of immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. If too many Latinos earn the right to vote, most of them would vote for Democrats. That would pretty much end the GOP’s chances of ever winning a national election, and turn a lot of purple states deep blue.

Keeping the number of eligible Latino voters down is the ultimate form of Republican voter suppression. It’s also the last hope of clinging to power for a Republican Party whose ability to win elections fair and square ended decades ago.

A recent Pew Research study showed that 2016 will bring out the most diverse electorate in US history. Much of the reason for that is the rise in eligible Hispanic voters. It’s part of a trend that is expected to continue to grow faster than any other segment of the population. This is a problem for Republicans.

In the 2012 presidential elections, Mitt Romney only managed to squeeze out 23 percent of the Latino vote, which has a lot to do with why he lost. According to a Latino Decisions study, the winner of the 2016 presidential election will need to garner “twice that support” from Latino voters.

Young and naturalized Hispanics that are eligible to vote has reached a record 27.3 million this year, and they are a powerful segment of the electorate.  If they throw their support behind the Democratic nominee, the GOP is cooked.

Since the Republican Party has been so openly hostile toward Latinos and done little to give them a reason to vote for them, they need another, less legitimate path to the White House.

It’s hard to measure if new voter ID laws will go far enough to suppress the democratic vote. But some Republicans proudly admit they could tip elections in their favor.

The bigger problem is in future elections. If there are too many eligible Latino voters because immigration reform leads to millions of new Latino citizens who vote, the Republican Party’s chances of holding on to power is pretty much over, and they know it.

Since Republicans can’t effectively control the make up of the population, they have to do everything they can to control who gets to vote, even if it means blocking the road to citizenship for immigrants. That’s not how America is supposed to work, but it’s just about all the Republicans have left.

Featured image: Creative Commons/flickr/Celso Flores

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