The White House Defense For Trump Drafting Son’s Response To Russia Meeting (Video)

white house defense for trump writing sons statement

When Trump Jr was caught in the crosshairs for meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, his response appeared to be misleading. That response was actually dictated by Trump Sr. according to a NYT report. In yet another apparent reversal, the White House is defending Trump’s drafting of his son’s response as a non-issue after claiming that Trump Sr. had not actually had anything to do with the statement originally.

Attorney Jay Sekulow, and a member of Trump’s legal team, previously stated the following according to the Hill: 

Apart from being of no consequence, the characterizations are misinformed, inaccurate, and not pertinent,” attorney Jay Sekulow said Monday in a statement to the Post.
In a July 16 interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sekulow said that “the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement.”

Sarah Sanders Huckabee, the current White House spokesperson (we think, things change so quickly in Trump’s White House, we can’t be 100 percent clear) seemingly confirmed the NYT story that exposed the above as untrue. While simultaneously calling it all a “non-issue” She did, however, want to change “dictated” to “weighed in on” and added, “as any father would do.” One would suppose that would be any father in a similar situation trying to get their kid out of hot water that they put themselves in by lying, er, omitting to tell the truth.

Huckabee Sanders said:

“He certainly didn’t dictate. But he weighed in, offered suggestions like any father would do. It was disclosed to the proper parties, which is how The New York Times found out about it to begin with. The Democrats want to continue to use this as a PR stunt and are doing everything they can to keep this story alive.”

Here we go again, she is lying through her teeth — as the previous comments by Sekulow show — while blaming “the Democrats” for telling the truth. Gee, guilty as charged.

Watch her here:

Featured image via screen capture

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