Whistle-Blowing Mother Brutally Beaten By Vengeful Cops (Video)

credit: screen capture via youtube.com

According to the report, Cindy Hahn drew the ire of the police after she complained about an officer’s previous behavior. In that incident, Hahn was told to ‘mind her own business’ by the officer after simply asking a question. Minutes later, driving down the road, Hahn was ‘coincidentally’ pulled over for an alleged seat belt violation. Instead of writing a ticket to Hahn, like anyone would expect, the very same officer who told Hahn to ‘mind her own business’ had her on the ground — manhandling her, as if she was some threat to anyone.

Soon after two more officers arrive and things get more brutal. Onlookers beg the cops to stop beating her, but they ignore them. One bystander approaches the officers to plea for mercy only to be shoved back. Hahn was never charged for a seat belt violation, according to the report, but was arrested for battery and resisting arrest. Those charges were subsequently dropped after higher authorities saw the footage below.

You can see it HERE;

Yes, this brutal assault all took place right in front of Hahn’s two young children and other horrified bystanders.

Hahn is now suing the City of Carlsbad, California. She is being represented by high-profile attorney Mark Geragos. The ‘celebrity lawyer’ has represented a long list of famous and infamous clients including Michael Jackson, NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield and the family of late actor David Carradine.



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