When It Is Rethuglican Homophobic Stupid For The Win, Everyone Loses: An Epilogue On Houston’s Proposition 1 (VIDEO)

In an unremarkable turn of events, American News X recounts how Ted Cruz and his fellow Texas Rethuglicans, along with the homophobic pastors who love them, once again accomplished something incredibly stupid in Texas.

The ever growing bastardization of religious freedom in this country is mounting a real charge to fundamentally destroy the equal protection clause in our Constitution.  Fright Wing bigots like Ted Cruz are going viral, spreading their homophobic, fear-drenched pathological obsession with infecting their low information minions with hatred for gay Americans. These Rethuglican bigots, like Cruz and his queer-bashing ilk rage on unchecked by common decency, while mangling the constitutional provision to promote the general welfare of “We the People”.  They have found true love with “Kill the Gay” pastors (like Kevin Swanson), who latch onto their every hate-filled stump speech like sociopathic, sanctimonious school girls with a crush on the creation of terror.

Naturally, the rest of civilized humanity residing outside of Texas’ border, and even many residing inside of Texas, just shake their collective heads at this unconscionable, never ending fanatical flavor of the month fright wing stupid.  But these grotesquely deranged conservative “Christians” continue to wrap themselves in the maniacal misappropriation of Christ’s teachings, and are out there passing and blocking actual legislation that would protect us from them.

And that is the real problem

On Election Day 2015 it was Houston, Texas Rethuglican Stupid for the win.

Now, not all of Texas is stupid. In fact, many believe that if everyone voted, and the state was not gerrymandered like a Jackson Pollack painting, that the state would turn Blue. After all, Houston did elect a lesbian mayor, Annise Parker three times without bringing on the Rapture. That being said, Texas proved it still has plenty of stupid.

In 2014, The Houston City Council passed the Equal Rights Protection ordinance. That law offered sweeping protections against bias, including but not limited to, age, race, religion and military status (yes, even protection for Houston’s veterans). But it was the pesky addition of protection from bias for the LGBT community that got Houston’s homophobic bigots in an uproar.

This fear-drenched fun bunch of “Patriots,” supported by Ted Cruz, filed a motion before the Texas Supreme Court (where wise judicial practice can be an oxymoron) requesting that the ordinance be overturned. Not shockingly, the Texas Supreme Court did just that, and punted back to the city for Prop 1 to be voted on by its residents.

Now American News X gets it.  Homophobic bigots are super uncomfortable with anything other than Adam and Eve. So naturally there would be those morally bankrupt individuals who would wrap themselves in Leviticus 20:13, regretting that stoning gay people to death was not a viable option, and just whine that Adam and Steve do not deserve equal protection under the law.

Was it just that simple, then fabulous. We know you all are out there fearing the queer. But this is Texas Homophobic Stupid and everything is bigger in Texas.

One of the facets of virtually any Equal Rights law is equal access to public services. We no longer have Jim Crow, and if a gay man or a black woman or a veteran needs to have access to those services they should not be denied. This is common sense 101.

But Texas Rethuglican Stupid was actually rather clever.

What the Texas Rethuglicans are experts in is fear and fear mongering.

Of all the things Prop 1 would have accomplished for sweeping civil liberty protection, Texas Rethuglican Stupid focused on the use of public restrooms by transgendered “men”. Set aside the intrinsic bigotry in that concept, as a person who was born a male, but who identifies as a female, is a woman. Period.

Texas conservative Christian Rethuglicans played upon the fear that men, dressed as women, would now be permitted to enter public restrooms without recourse to rape Houston’s mothers and daughters. They even came up with a super catchy hate slogan and dubbed Prop 1 “The Bathroom Bill”.

Despite being out-funded by LGBT rights organizations, and the support of Hillary Clinton and even President Obama, who both stepped up on behalf of Prop 1, Texas Rethuglicans were not to be outdone.

They mounted a campaign of abject, terror-based insanity calling upon Houston to forget about equal rights protections for the elderly, the disabled, and the religious (that’s right… protection from discrimination based upon faith). They successfully manipulated and terrified over 60% of Houston’s residents into believing that the ordinance was solely about allowing transgendered “men” to have unfettered access to minor children in public restrooms. They even ran commercials showing a little girl being followed into a bathroom to her doom.

And guess what? It worked.

Houston, instead of voting in its interests, and in the interests of the vulnerable and disenfranchised, chose to vote out of complete and total fear, and voted down Proposition 1.  Ted Cruz’s Born Again homophobic father, Rafael even made it known that his son divinely intervened in a prayer vigil with 50 other hateful pastors to ensure that Proposition 1 went down in the flames of Hell fire, righteously appeasing their “all loving God”

Even the ever homophobic Governor Abbot tweeted out his pearls of deceptive idiocy stating “HOUSTON: Vote Texas values, not @HillaryClinton values. Vote NO on City of Houston Proposition 1. No men in women’s bathrooms.”

Greg Abbott Tweet

So what do we make of this decision? How do we reconcile it?

Was Prop 1 too overreaching?

American News X says absolutely not!

We are a constitutional socialized democracy in a free federation of states. Our Constitution was written to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. This is exactly why the Puritans fled England.

The Texas Supreme Court failed on that simple constitutional principle, and allowed the fear-based tyranny of homophobic bigots to rule the day. Civil liberty was left to the wayside as an echo of failed justice in the wake of entitled hate.

It wasn’t just Houston’s LGBT community that lost when Prop 1 was voted down.  It wasn’t just their veterans, those of faith, the elderly, and the disabled who lost. We all lost, as the ignorance, hate, and fear in the hearts of a majority of Houston residents overcame decency on November 3rd, 2015.

We all must take this as a bellwether warning to recognize that hate is a powerful force in cultivating irrational fear. It matters not at all that there was already a law on the books in Houston that makes it illegal to use a public restroom for anything other than its intended purpose.  Houston literally voted down an equal rights ordinance virtually identical to similar laws passed by over 200 cities in this country, and Houston is now the only major city in Texas without such protections.

We cannot sit by idly without calling out the venomous wrath of bigotry for what it is, and we demand that a bright halogen spotlight of truth be born down upon the preachers and politicians who terrified Houston residents with outright deceit into voting against the interests of their veterans, against the interests of their grandmothers, against the interests of those with faith, against the interests of protecting their fellow citizens against racism and against the interest of common decency.  Fifteen different vulnerable demographic groups were denied equal rights solely because of conservative Christian hatred.

All of this unjustified and irrational imaginary fear was deceptively manufactured over the use of public restrooms. There has never been a reported case of a transgender female assaulting a woman or child in a public restroom that we are aware of in the United States. Not one.

Shortly after Ted Cruz and the Fright Wing were finished celebrating their victory by demonizing equal rights in Houston, he was off to the Religious Liberties Conference hosted by Pastor Kevin “Kill the Gays” Swanson in Des Moines, Iowa.  Cruz joined up with Huckabee and Jindal on stage with Kevin Swanson, and his bizarre festival celebrating homophobic hate.

Swanson, with Cruz in tow, preached his bigotry, opining, “We have lost our way.  We would call good evil and evil good.”

Swanson blathered on, apparently lamenting upon the evils of transgender women, calling them “an abomination”, tethering it to Deuteronomy.

Swanson went on to decry that America was in “total chaos.  Witchcraft is more and more popular, especially with the youth.  It’s an adventure.  Drunkenness is a disease.  Homosexuality is an orientation.  Cannibalism, vampirism is increasingly acceptable.”

Ted Cruz and the rest of the Fright Wing “Christian” Rethuglicans need to be called out.  Cruz is seeking to bring his special brand of homophobic hatred right into the Oval Office.  Cruz is now second in Iowa polls, behind only to the terror that is Donald Trump.  America must pay heed, and remember Matthew Shepard, horribly beaten while tied to that fence far outside of the Laramie city limits, dying slowly years ago on that frigid Wyoming winter night.

It is not the LGBT community that should fear coming out of the closet. It is these miscreants, whose hearts are filled with the foul stench of hate, that should be ashamed to show their faces in the light of day.

George Carlin once said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” Ted Cruz and his maniacal minions reveal the hideous underbelly of the frightening truth in Carlin’s now prophetic words.

Steve Rothrock, Staff Writer for American News X. and Chief Advisor to end Fear and Loathing at Freedom Unincorporated

Photo Credit: The Guardian

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