Watch What Happens When Iowa GOP Snubs The Daily Show (VIDEO)

The Daily Show

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann denied The Daily Show credentials to attend a Republican primary event over concerns they might make fun of Iowa, ensuring that The Daily Show made fun of Iowa and GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann.

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann is not a smart man. In a seemingly non-stop cavalcade of Republican missteps, Jeff really put his foot in it this time. Late last week Kaufmann told the Des Moines Register that The Daily Show would not be welcome at the Republican Party of Iowa’s Growth and Opportunity Party.

Jeff, who apparently also chairs the ‘Iowa party of the obsessively redundant’ party is really not very smart. He told the Register, “The reason is, we were afraid they were going to make fun of Iowa. I bet we’ve got 10 or 15 Democrat-oriented blogs, liberal blogs. But anybody that I think is going to make fun of Iowa — they’re unwelcome.”

This goes well beyond tempting fate, Jeff — it’s just downright idiotic. To paraphrase singer-songwriter Jim Croce, “You don’t tug on superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger — and you don’t mess around with a highly popular satirical ‘fake news’ show that specializes in skewering egotistical, hypocritical, political clowns named Jeff.” Or, Jeb!

Welcome to your fifteen, minutes, champ. As far as Trevor Noah is concerned, “the Iowa GOP can suck its own caucus.” Before we get to the video which hilariously “makes fun of Iowa,” I wanted to mention that Mr. Kaufmann also told the Register, “I would like to be interviewed by NBC because with the mother-in-law I’ve got, I’m used to being interrupted.” Again — Jeff is not a smart man.

In addition to “mak(ing) fun of Iowa” during last night’s broadcast, Comedy Central’s “fake news” show sent out invitations to a “fake party,” on Facebook. “The Daily Show’s Official Jeff Kaufmann-less Blowout” is set for Friday. The invitation reads, “anybody can come! As long as you aren’t Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. If you are Jeff Kaufmann, you will be asked to leave.”

Being from Minnesota — I’ve heard my fair share of Iowa jokes. The Daily Show came up with some new ones. Enjoy!

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