WATCH: Trump’s Big Secret Revealed: He Never Says a Damned Thing (VIDEO)

Trump Town Hall

Donald Trump was featured this morning on the Today show during a live “Pancakes and Politics” Town Hall meeting. When do you suppose Bernie Sanders, Doc Carson, (Jeb!) and Hillary get their free infomercial? (In fairness, Hillary did just get at least 9 hours to display her presidential bona fides, but that airtime was paid for by taxpayers — Republicans just put it on their tab.)

Let’s set aside the fact that NBC has profited mightily from Trump over the years (or not). Let’s ignore the carefully pre-screened audience and stage-managed questions, too. What I want to know is this: when are Republican voters going to wake up to the fact that the man never says anything? When he does say anything at all, it’s pure pablum, often self-contradictory, and he winds up repeating himself — a lot. “It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me.”

Wait, what? Poor, poor Donald had a tough time of it? Let’s see if the billionaire “politician” can relate to, or connect with “regular folks” (all perfectly coifed for their 15-minutes). “I started off in Brooklyn … my father gave me a SMALL LOAN of a million dollars.” Yep — he nailed it.

“Everything I say, I can do.” Wrong, Donald. You can’t govern a country the way you operate a business. If you have a disagreement with the Freedom Caucus, for example, you can’t usher them into a dimly lit boardroom, cue the dramatic music, and say, “you’re fired” (although I’d pay a LOT to see that).

Governing is about reaching consensus with lots of different people, who have lots of different ideas. Politics is about creating strategic alliances, making concessions, and finding common ground; telling people ‘it’s my way or the highway’ is counterproductive to the job you’re applying for, Mr. Trump.

Donald did admit to having some weaknesses, but declined to tell the audience what they might be, “because if I expose them then the enemy knows.” He was asked, specifically, what he’d do to improve the economy. “I’m going to bring our jobs back, I’m going to bring our manufacturing back …” How? “How?! I can’t say how …”

Donald Trump

Donald did admit that people want to know what his plans are — that politicians come up with “a 14-point plan, bing, bing, bing … I could give you a 14-point plan that would look so beautiful and you’d be happy, but you know what? It doesn’t mean anything.” No kidding. Saying anything of substance? That’s not how Trump operates.

Donald Trump was asked, specifically, “why should women be voting for you?” What I heard was this: ‘I’m a protecting protector who needs to protect America, because our country needs protecting, and the military protects women, also — plus my daughter, Ivanka, just got an award.’

I don’t think I missed anything — but you really should watch it for yourself. He’s about to host Saturday Night Live — but the writers are going to have a hard time topping Trump just being Trump.

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