WATCH: Trump Defends Planned Parenthood, Calls For Tariffs And Says Reagan Was Pretty Liberal– Cue Conservative Heads Exploding In 3, 2, 1 … (Video)

Yes, the headline is not a typo. On Hannity tonight, Donald Trump actually told the right wing Fox News host that he would not defund the controversial agency. Trump did point out that he hates abortion but pointed out (correctly, believe it or not) that the organization only does a small part of it’s business in abortion services. Trump cited the “many women” in his life who tell him what great things Planned Parenthood does for women’s healthcare. Despite Hannity’s insistence that the agency be stripped of any funding, Trump stood firm.

Of course, less than a week ago Trump was firm on his stance to defund the agency even to the point of shutting down the government to do it.

Watch the semi – unbelievable clip HERE:

Regardless of what people think of Trump as a person, one thing is for sure, while he is running as a republican, he is not running as a conservative or tea party type darling. I am sure conservative heads will explode. In addition to this radical position, Trump also called for tariffs in the interview — something conservatives abhor and despise under ‘free trade” doctrine.

Trump also pointed out that Ronald Reagan wasn’t as conservative as people make him out to be. I suspect maids (probably undocumented, of course) are cleaning up the exploded brains in the households of some one percenters as we speak.

Will this damage Trump in the numbers and polls in the GOP race? So far, insulting women, the government of Mexico and war heroes haven’t put much of a dent in the Trump freight train. Many of his supporters claim to be tried and true “conservatives” however — Will these new revelations hurt his support? Time will tell.

Here is how Hannity’s panel reacted to these revelations about Planned Parenthood. They preferred to rely on the falsified and unfairly edited videos that unscrupulous film makers manufactured and then try to slam Trump for his positions as being “unconservative.”




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