WATCH: This Voter SCHOOLS The Political Elite And MSM About Their “Anointed” Candidates (Video)

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Debbie Lusignan is a voter. She is a voter like millions of voters who aren’t exactly keen on how the parties and a complicit media are trying to shove the “legacy” candidates down our throat.

“It’s excruciating to watch and you are embarrassing yourselves” she laments. She certainly is not alone in that sentiment.

Bernie Sanders has been drawing crowds of thousands regularly at his events. Speeches need to be moved to larger halls or various accommodations need to be made where ever he goes just to facilitate the growing audiences. Sanders is now creeping up on front runner Hillary Clinton and it seems many do not like it in the “establishment.”

Lusignan points out what many are thinking about how those elites are shocked that progressive liberals actually want a progressive liberal with progressive ideas as a candidate.

On the other side of the political spectrum we have Donald Trump. I saw a lot of those on the left got offended when several of the talking heads suggested that Sanders and Trump were like “the same thing on opposite sides.” Sanders supporters argue that while Sanders’s message is one of inclusion and expanding the middle class, Trump has played on our most ignorant fears and myths.

The thing is though, the talking heads were right. If you strip away the policies you can see the equal frustration across the voting spectrum and thus giving attention to candidates who are actually speaking to their concerns. On the left it’s income inequality and other injustices while on the right it’s fear of immigrants, people of color, abortion, guns and an imagined war on christianity.

The overarching frustration though is that the government just isn’t working like it should anymore. Everything has become posturing and campaigning with little or no actual action on any issues in between.

Each party has found a candidate that truly speaks to their base’s wants and in their own right are ones that no one has to guess where they stand on any issue — because if you ask them, they tell you in no uncertain terms. People like that, and people need that. Voters are just sick and tired of “lawyered up: answers to every question thta are designed more to keep the candidates options open down the road than explain anything to anyone. We see that with Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

One might be all steak and the other all sizzle, but the comparison is valid and more importantly shows Lusignan’s and many frustrated voter’s point about Americans not terribly interesting in “coronations’ in lieu of primaries and caucuses.


Does that mean Sanders and Trump will be the nominees? No one knows. Like Debbie Lusignan I want to judge each candidate on their records, policy positions and other tangibles and intangibles — but point being I want to judge them, not have them pre-judged for me.

Based on the way Sanders and Trump are packing them in and their numbers are growing in the polls, I suspect Debbie and I are not alone.


Check our Debbie Lusignan’s full monologue HERE:

Note: If you want to just hear the “main point” of her speech, goto the 4 min mark of the video.


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