WATCH: The Only Donald Trump Sketch That Was Funny, Didn’t Feature Trump (Video)

Trump SNL

“Allowing Trump to host ‘Saturday Night Live,’ a storied comedy show, is nothing short of a slap in the face to the more than 57 million Latinos living in the U.S., whose only wish is to work hard, provide for their families and live the American dream.”

Ouch, Brent. My sides. I can’t breathe.  Actually, Brent Wilkes of the League of United Latin American Citizens was probably funnier than the headliner. Brent and hundreds more showed up at the studios of NBC to protest the billionaire real estate developer, cum politician’s performance — and were met by a dozen or so pro-Trump supporters (in Trump’s home borough no less). Much like his other political performances, The Donald seemed disingenuous and bored most of the time — and the studio audience seemed to be waiting for the “they’re rapists” schtick, which never materialized.

The only nod to Trump’s controversial musings about immigration was Larry David, off-camera, yelling “Trump’s racist!”  — but the show’s writers made it a lame joke, suggesting “capitalism” (David said he was promised $5,000), would be the only reason someone might say that. All-in-all, the larger-than-life Trump piñata protestors carried through Midtown Manhattan to Rockefeller Center had more character (and seemed livelier) than Donald Trump.

The saving grace was Bobby Moynihan’s sterling performance as Trump’s “No. 1 fan,” Drunk Uncle — hosted by Weekend Update’s Colin Jost.

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