WATCH: Obama Slams His Critics, Critiques Trump And Joe Biden And Talks About His Future Plans (Video)

President Obama sat down  with 60 Minutes’ Steve Croft for a one on one interview this week. Obama talked on a variety of subjects and shied away from none. He began by spelling out the facts in Syria. In regards to Putin ‘challenging his leadership’ Obama scoffed, repeating and expanding on his premise that Putin is bombing and spending money he doesn’t have out of weakness, not out of strength. For the republicans who seem enamored with the tough guy Russian leader, Obama was just as dismissive. He pointed out how many republicans haven’t liked anything he’s done or said in the last 7 years.

The President also sized up Donald Trump, who he called a great showman and reality TV star who knows how to exploit things. As far as his predictions on Trump’s success, Obama bluntly stated ‘I don’t think he is going to be President of the United States.

he had kind words for Joe Biden but stopped short of giving any opinions on whether he should run. Obama also outlined his final year plans emphasizing infrastructure investments and doing ‘as much as he can do’ considering the hostile Congress.

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