Watch: Lindsay Graham Calls Donald Trump “A Jackass!” (Video)

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Have pigs figured out a way to defy the laws of physics and solved the dilemma of just how exactly to fly? I asI this because (I really cannot believe that I am about to admit this) I actually agree with a 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate on at least one issue.

Senator Lindsay Graham (R) FL. Graham, who served in the U.S. Military for 33 years, along with a majority of our fellow Americans across party lines are literally disgusted with Donald Trump’s latest remarks about Senator John McCain (R) AZ. Senator Graham made the following remarks in reference to Donald Trump yesterday in an interview on CNN

“He is becoming a jackass at a time when we need to have a serious debate about the future of the party and the country. We’re on the verge of giving an Iranian Ayatollah, who’s a radical jihadist, a pathway to a nuclear bomb.” He went on to say that “the world is literally falling apart. We’re becoming Greece here at home, and all we’re talking about is Donald Trump and everybody he insults. But he’s crossed the line here. There maybe sZPFePefgAdstion with our border. I get that. That’s no justification.” Graham made another great point by adding this – “every time I turn around, I’m being asked about Donald Trump saying one dumb thing after another. I’m tired of it.”

Let me just say how comforting it is to know that most of the members of the party which Trump is running under despise him as much as the rest of America seems to. I don’t have to agree with Graham on all the above issues to see the difference between someone who has legitimate differences in the “real” political spectrum vs. someone who is just — as Graham so eloquently put it — “is a jackass.”

I live in Phoenix, AZ and while I could probably fill an entire novel with the literal volumes of potential shit that I could talk about Senator McCain’s sh*t hole excuse for a State and his tired old Conservative political tactics, however, I would never have the audacity nor would I possess the amount of raw ignorance that it takes for someone like Donald Trump to blatantly and disrespectfully bring any U.S. Veteran’s military service into question. Let alone a soldier like John McCain, who had the ever so shitty luck of getting captured In Vietnam and living as a prisoner of war in Vietnamese prison camps.

I myself, need to personally applaud Senator Graham for remaining so reserved and cordial when discussing such matters as Donald Trump. Speaking of Trump, I have started referring to thay self inflated dill hole as “the gigantic shit stain on American politics” I’m hoping that one catches on! Don’t get me wrong though, I have more than a couple of choice words and phrases which I could use in order to fully express my utter disdain for this corporate ass-wipe, scumbag fuck aka Donald Trump!

Donald Trump is literally a fucking shit stain on the American dream and the American people need Trump in the oval office as bad as we need to pay even higher taxes and work even longer hours for even less pay.

Fuck you Donald Trump!

I hope Trump continues to make the mistake of not preparing speeches and simply shooting from the hip in a public forum, because he is slowly digging himself into a grave so deep that he will never have enough money to be able to pay an undoccumented Mexican worker to dig his sorry ass out of said hole!

Duck you Trump!

But, more importantly Fuck You Republican Party for giving sociopaths like Trump a platform from which to be heard by the masses!

Watch as Senator Lindsay Graham (R) FL. tells the entire world exactly how he feels about Donald Trump HERE:

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