WATCH: John Oliver DESTROYS The GOP For Obstructing A SCOTUS Nominee In Less Than 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

‘What more fitting tribute to the life of Antonin Scalia than the Senate trying to stretch the definition of ‘late term?’ John Oliver remarked in what might be one of his best (and succinct) rants. Oliver eviscerated the republicans showing hypocrisy after hypocrisy in this five-minute monologue.

Oliver trashed any pretense of anyone using ‘The Thurmond Rule’ (which Oliver thought would be more about ways to keep your secret mistress a secret) after showing how Mitch McConnell himself dispelled of its usefulness back when George Bush was President.

“Our democratic colleagues continually talk about the so-called ‘Thurmond Rule,’ under which the Senate supposedly stops confirming judges in a presidential election year,” McConnell announced. “This seeming obsession with this rule that doesn’t exist is just an excuse for our colleagues to run out the clock on qualified nominees who are waiting to fill badly needed vacancies.”

All in all, it takes Oliver less than five minutes to show that the only logical, Constitutional and American way to go forward is to have the President nominate someone, and have the Senate approve such a nominee if qualified.

Check out this spectacular and pointed clip HERE:


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