WATCH: If This Racist Was Running For President He’d Be Leading The GOP Polls (Video)

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I watch a lot of videos. I watch a lot of videos on racism. Views and opinions vary from video to video. Some are poorly shot and un-watchable while others ramble on for what seems like hours. Every once in a while I find a video that “restores my faith in humanity.” Then there are videos like the one below … the ones that make my blood boil.

This is the “relative” at the family reunion or the uncle at Thanksgiving that you just want to put through a wall. The type that are under educated, yet know everything. This one, identified as “Joe” tells us all about how it’s “Al Sharpton” (because according to racists, Al Sharpton is the ‘king’ of black people) and those ‘city folk’ driving all this racist talk. They get along great with the black people, according to Joe.

Joe has no problem calling those “city” black people ‘n**g*rs’ by the way. Joe assumes none of them work and all of them loot. Because that’s what his (unidentified) friend told him out in the sticks.

Even if one semi-buys Joe’s twisted explanations of anything up to this point,  Joe’s true colors are revealed when the issue of President Obama comes up.

The reason it comes up is because Joe declares “no one talked about racism before (Obama) came into office.”

That’s right Joe, before Obama racism didn’t exist and America was just singing ‘Kumbayah’ all the live long day …. as if.  Notice Joe fails to even mention one black “friend” even. The best he can do is claim to have “no problem” with some blacks who “work.”

Joe isn’t finished tho — his very next spewing of words is “him and that goddamned wife of his.” Then he adds ” that big lipped, big assed b*tch — I can’t stand her.”

Woah …wait a second. Didn’t Joe just get done telling us that when black people work, they are alright with him? Michelle Obama has worked as a professional attorney her entire adult life. Now she is 1st lady, a pretty big job. Joe’s true criteria of measurement are revealed, however — big lips and butt make her a “goddamned bitch.”

Joe’s not racist though — just like that relative at the family gathering. In their word, America was a utopia without racism before “that guy” came into office.

To top it all off, Joe confirms that he knows that Obama is a Muslim (he doesn’t know if he’s Al Queda however) because he hasn’t stopped the monster ISIS that George Bush created.

Let me be clear — I wouldn’t mind so much if Joe was an exception or a rarity. Just the fact that I can blindly say that he is the same as that “relative” at the family gathering and you knew exactly who I was talking about in your family even though I’ve never been to any of your family’s events shows how common these thoughts and views are.

Donald Trump’s campaign is literally living off of and spewing back this same garbage and he’s leading some polls in the GOP field by double digits. If this guy was running for President, he’d probably be crushing in the polls too.

See his wisdom proudly on display HERE:

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