WATCH: “Help, I’m Being Repressed!” Hardcore Fundies And Their Amazing Array Of Anti-Gay B.S. (Video)

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Thanks to the ruling by the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges, there is now marriage equality for LGBT people in the United States. Unfortunately, we have been treated to an array of ignorance and just plain dumbfuckery from the anti-gay gang, primarily hardcore fundamentalist religious people, the most vocal being the Bible thumping Christians. The delusion and sentiments evident in their rants would be amusing were it not so pathetically sad and sometimes dangerous.

Here’s a perfect example;


The first thing we hear is “judicial tyranny” and that it is so because it is something “…five justices can arbitrarily decide.”

Uh, I guess he must have been asleep during civics class in high school, because in this country it takes five of the nine Supreme Court justices to rule as the majority one way or another on each case before it.  Nothing “arbitrary” about it at all. It’s even in the Constitution, something many of these types proclaim themselves to be experts on.  The justices choose which cases that come before the court that they will hear.  They do not make laws, they do not sign anything into law, they only interpret the intent of the law and the Constitution.  Again, nothing “arbitrary”  about it.

What do the fundies think, that five of the justices wake up one morning and think, “Wow!  Let’s make a decision today on something we just pulled from our asses?”  Ah!  Ignorance!

He goes on to say quite a bit of other nonsense, basically the usual for the half-wit holy roller contingency:  well, now, why can’t there be “…polygamy, group marriages, even incestuous marriages?” For starters, that would take three more Supreme Court decisions, but, more importantly, that is grossly insulting, not to mention un-Christ-like, to gay and lesbian people who wish to marry the one other non-family person in the world whom they love most dearly and to gain the legal and socal benefits that heterosexual married couples enjoy.  Why oh why does it always devolve into a slippery slope that leads to gang bangs and bestiality?  Can’t we just leave it at let people marry the person they love?



“Science ‘proves’ that living a ‘homosexual lifestyle’ is devastating medically and psychologically.”

Really?  One has to wonder where he is getting his information.  It certainly isn’t from any medical or scientific or psychological or psychiatric journal or practitioner.  That inane nonsense went out of style 40+ years ago.  I’m guessing it comes from the “now you’re gay but we’ll make you straight” religious indoctrination “therapy” of which they are so very fond.

At least he doesn’t go all “Adam and Steve” about it, but I am always curious as to why they leave out Jesus’ comments about adultery and divorce.  After all, they purport to hang onto and adhere to every single quote from Christ.  Of course, they don’t —  If they did, no divorced person nor any one who has committed adultery would ever be married in any Christian church.  Gee, maybe they were asleep in Sunday school when Jesus’ words on divorce were discussed.  Must be something about learning and education that puts them out like Ambien.


Yet we are constantly bombarded with “But the Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiible sez…..” about how sinful and abominable gay people and the so-called “gay lifestyle” are when the same tired old chapters and verses are trotted out like prize ponies at the county fair.  Then they sit back smugly and feel proud and self-righteous, because they surely did tell us, didn’t they?  No, they didn’t.

The Bible is an interesting book, one that is full of morality tales and poetry and some good advice (like “love your neighbor as you love yourself” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”), but it’s a book that has many, many contradictions and things that would have been extremely difficult to follow to the letter even in Biblical times, and impossible to follow today.  Things like not wearing clothing from mixed fabrics, selling your children into slavery, and offering animal sacrifices. Who knows any woman, Christian or otherwise, who completely separates herself from her family and all other people during her menses and seven days afterwards to the point of living in a state of absolute solitude and not touching anything anyone else has or will touch because her monthly condition makes her “unclean?”

Do you know any?  Nope, me either.

So much for “I absolutely follow God’s Holy unerring work to the letter at all times!”  Dare I even mention that not everyone on the planet believes in and/or follows the Bible?  We are all free to believe whatever we choose, and a majoirity choose not to be Christian in this world.

Supporters of Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage protest outside the California Supreme Court in San Francisco, California before a hearing on the initiative

My personal favorite talking point from the fundies on this issue is that they’re being persecuted for their beliefs on gay marriage.  Persecuted?  Do they even know what that means?  Apparently not.  I have yet to see or hear of anyone being dragged from their home and beaten in the streets because they don’t support same-sex marriage.  There have been no news reports of government agents kicking in doors and hauling Christians off to jail because they are against the SCOTUS decision.  No one is confiscating Bibles, no one is setting up concentration camps to contain those who disagree, and no one is being tortured and assaulted for their beliefs.

No one.

Having people disagree with you is not persecution.  The rest of us refusing to allow your point of view and only your point of view to become the law of the land in spite of the harm it does to others is not persecution.  Having to bake a cake or provide floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding is not persecution.

Oh, the fight is not over.  They will not give up.  They will lose over and over until that happens, and until then we’ll see ridiculous laws like Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” and North Carolina’s Senate Bill 2 which would give county judges and employees the right to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples if they have “religious objections” to gay marriage.  These laws will take years to wind their ways through the court system, they’ll provide many lawyers with second and third vacation homes, and ultimately they’ll be found unconstitutional by, wait,  here it comes…….  The Supreme Court of the United States!  Yes, and then we’ll get to hear all about judicial tyranny and activism all over again.

Odd how we didn’t hear those cries from the right when the Voting Rights Act was overturned, when the Citizens United ruling was handed down, nor when the Supreme Court stopped the Florida vote recount in 2000, thereby installing George W. Bush as president.

So in summary, my fellow citizens who are also hardcore Bible believing Christians, fear not!  You do not have to worry, because:

1) No one is going to tell your church that they absolutely must by law perform same-sex weddings.

2) No one is going to make you get “gay married.”

3) No one is going to force your children to be gay.

4) You will still be able to hang on to your antiquated, bigoted, but deeply cherished beliefs about the evilness of gays and their alleged “lifestyle,”  whatever in the world that may be.

5) No one is going to persecute you in the true definition of the word, although you may well be shamed in many circles.  And there is a difference being shaming and persecution.  I’ll wait while you scrounge around looking for a dictionary to verify that.

Please feel free to cry, rant, scream, pray, or whatever you choose to do, but, please! spare the rest of us from your absurd nonsense and relentless Bible thumping.  We stopped listening quite a while back.


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