WATCH: George Takei Calls Clarence Thomas “A Disgrace To America” And Much More In An Epic Interview (Video)

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George Takei has had enough — enough of Clarence Thomas that is. After reading Thomas’s dissent on the same sex marriage ruling from last week, Takei went off on a man that he is not alone in believing does not belong on the Supreme Court. Thomas’s dissent included lines that said that black people had “dignity” when they were slaves, unlike today. Takei could not stay silent any longer.

Here is what he had to say to a local Fox affiliate reporter;

GEORGE TAKEI: He is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there. And for him to say, slaves have dignity. I mean, doesn’t he know that slaves were in chains? That they were whipped on the back. If he saw the movie 12 Years a Slave, you know, they were raped. And he says they had dignity as slaves or – My parents lost everything that they worked for, in the middle of their lives, in their 30s. His business, my father’s business, our home, our freedom and we’re supposed to call that dignified? Marched out of our homes at gun point. I mean, this man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America. 

This is hardly the first time Thomas’s place on the court has been questioned. He has been the subject of “conflict of interest” scrutiny more than once in addition to his insensitivity to his own race and other minorities.

As reported in 2013;

The government reform group Common Cause has also formally raised questions about Justice Thomas’ failure to recuse himself in the infamous Citizens United case, because “[i]t appears [Justice Thomas] participated in political strategy sessions, perhaps while the case was pending, with corporate leaders whose political aims were advanced by the decision…[and] there may also be an undisclosed financial conflict of interest due to his wife’s role as CEO of Liberty Central, a 501(c)(4) organization that stood to benefit from the decision and played an active role in the 2010 elections.”

In addition to conflicts with the Citizens United case his wife, Ginni Thomas has been unabashed in her emotional and financial support of various far right and tea party causes. Yet, even when there are obvious and direct conflicts Thomas never recuses himself like other justices at every level do.

[J]ust days after healthcare law was upheld (with Clarence Thomas dissenting), new financial forms show that Thomas’s wife, Ginni, continued to rake in a profit from opposing healthcare reforms in 2011–even after she previously came under fire for doing so.

According to Thomas’s 2011 financial disclosure report form, filed on May 15 and obtained Friday by Whispers, the Thomas’s invested up to $15,000 in the political lobbying firm Liberty Consulting, where Ginni Thomas continues to earn a salary and benefits. The firm lobbied actively against the healthcare law, according to liberal news magazine Mother Jones.

Ginni formed Liberty Consulting after she was criticized for her work at Liberty Central, a non-profit tea party organization that also lobbied against the health care law.

In March of this year, Liberty Central was the subject of a letter sent to the IRS by Common Cause, a nonprofit that works for government accountability. The letter argued that Liberty Central violated the proportionality rule for non-profits because the majority of its activities were designed to help Republican candidates.

Ginni later stepped down from Liberty Central, but her involvement in conservative politics extends beyond these two groups. Among Ginni’s former employers is the Heritage Foundation, another vocal critic of the healthcare law. She also currently works as a “special correspondent” for the conservative website The Daily Caller.

In January 2011, Justice Thomas “inadvertently” left out information about his wife’s employment, including earnings over the past 13 years that added up to as much as $1.6 million.

It’s amazing how Thomas skates by all this without much scrutiny at all. This is just one report — there are more, just google “Clarene Thomas conflict of interest” and you will find no shortage of more examples in his career. This kind of pandering without shame while allegedly supposedly being an “unbiased” justice is just disgusting when you step back and look at it. It is so blatant and so unashamed one has to wonder “how the hell does he get away with all this?” This isn’t a blow job or even a land deal gone bad. This isn’t a golf outing being mistaken for a bribe. This is blatant and obvious to any reasonable observer. This is long term relationships with people who are not even pretending to see both sides of the issues they fight on.

I won’t contend or pretend like this is the only time any public official has had dealings with other people of power and influence. I understand that part of Washington. Rich and powerful people are going to occasionally mingle and so forth, but not like this. Thomas is supposed to be a bedrock of integrity on the Supreme Court. I expect him to have his own personal biases and experiences just like I do all the judges be them liberal, moderate or conservative. Thomas’s dealings go so far beyond any “casual relationship” that he would need to catch a bus to get back to such a relationship.

His corruption is so strong he is willing to throw anyone under the bus to defend the people who butter his bread. That corruption leads to ridiculous dissents where Thomas claims black people had dignity when in chains, whipped at the will of their master and had their family broke up just for another man’s profit or convenience. That is what Thomas defined as “dignity.” A definition only a corrupt man could envision and write.

Kudos to Takei for his strong words. Words that needed to be said. They might not have been the prettiest or most eloquent words but Thomas has driven the situation with his obvious bought biases to where eloquence and political correctness in dealing with it probably should be tossed aside too.

Perhaps continued scrutiny of Thomas might actually lead to someone at the DOJ formally looking into his personal dealings and how they have corrupted his decisions in a consistent way over his tenure.

See for yourself what Takei had to say HERE:

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