WATCH: FactCheck.Org Director Makes Rare TV Appearance To Shut Down Recent GOP Lies (Video)

credit: screen capture via is the “internet arm” of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. It was founded by William and Lenore Annenberg in Philadelphia back in 1993. Annenberg was a very successful businessman and philanthropist. While many on the radical right like to claim that is “liberal media,” especially when their statements and positions are proven false, a “fact check” would show Annenberg being a GOP stalwart. He served Presidents going as far back as Eisenhower and was a friend of Ronald Reagan’s. Lenore was appointed to serve in the Reagan White House as the Head of Protocol for the Administration in 1981. They also hosted parties for not only Reagan, but Queen Elizabeth II and other celebrities and dignitaries. If anything, a case could be made that they lean a little to the right at least personally, don’t ya think?

Reagan and the Annenberg's hanging out at Reagan's birthday bash. credit:
Reagan and the Annenberg’s hanging out at Reagan’s birthday bash. credit:

No, they aren’t the “liberal media.” In fact, the organization is considered “Non-partisan” and straight shooters by most people who are taken seriously out there. Their roots are about as conservative and “old money” as you can get.

The organization’s “public face” is usually that of its website. This Sunday, however, their director, Eugene Keily went on NBC’s “At Issue” and served up a big dish of facts to Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee and the rest of the GOP.

First, Trump was on his butcher block. Kiley showed how Trump’s birthright citizenship claims were false, even when he “walks back” some of his statements. For example, his claim that we were the only country that allows it is patently false. His claims about immigration and crime are wrong, plus are based off bogus and misleading statistics. Yes, there’s more …

Check out the full clip HERE:

Next, Keily dissected the multitudes of false claims about Planned Parenthood. From Jeb Bush’s lies to some of the falsehoods surrounding the recent recordings that were chopped up, taken out of context, and made claims that simply weren’t true about the organization and what they do.

Check that out HERE:

Then it was on to Iran, where the non-partisan org’s director put it all out on the table. He showed what was true, what was false, and what was unknown. It is nothing like the GOP portrays it. Keily makes special note of the “24-day” myth and “Self-inspections” that are not in the deal at all. The fact is, the nuclear facilities are all subject to daily inspections by the International Inspectors.

See that take down HERE;

Finally, Keily took a brief moment to correct the record on a bad lie that Presidential Contender Carly Fiorina recently said. Fiorina claimed that “some of the diseases that people get vaccines for are not communicable.” Whether or not someone supports or does not support vaccinations, this statement is just patently false.

See it HERE:

In non-partisan fashion, Keily also mentioned that Hillary Clinton’s “evolving” statements on her recent “email scandal” are not exactly in line with reality, though he did stop short of saying anything criminal has taken place. He also pointed out some exaggerated stats that Joe Biden once made when pushing for a bill in the Senate a long time ago.

Let us hope FactCheck keeps doing its great work. They aren’t always 100 percent correct, but they are fair and they do get it right more than most.


NBC10 at issue airs locally in Philadelphia on Sundays at 11:30am. 

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