WATCH: Donald Trump Is Just A Mean Girl With Twitter

Middle school was hell for me. I went to a small rural school (K-12), and let’s just say, I didn’t fit in too well. I was lucky, though. This was before Facebook and Twitter, so it, at least, took a little effort to bully and poke (with pitchforks) fun at me.

In an analysis by The Boston Globe, they found that Republican front-runner Donald Trump speaks to voters at a fourth-grade level. Not surprising.

But here’s further evidence.

Mean girls reading Donald Trump tweets. He’s getting some credit here in that the mean girls are high school girls. However, if you closed your eyes and didn’t know it was a tweet by the Trumpster, you’d think they were lines straight out of Heathers (forgive me, Winona).

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

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