WATCH: “Dim Bulb” Bright Strikes Again, Thinks Everyone BUT The Confederacy Are The REAL Racists (Video)

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Senator Lee Bright needs to be set straight. After attempting to derail the South Carolina Senate debate by sidetracking it into a debate over gay marriage this morning, Senator Bright was at it again this afternoon.

This time, Bright took the podium allegedly to announce and explain his “amendment” to the confederate flag bill (the one to take it down) which would replace the confederate battle flag with another confederate flag.

His rant this time started by calling Abe Lincoln and just about anyone else he could think of as being “the real racists” as he defended the “brave soldiers of the confederacy.”  Bright waved a “book of the dead” around declaring that all they were doing by removing the battle flag was disrespecting those men who turned on the United States of America to defend the institution of slavery.

Bright said;

“This is the “Book of the Dead.” This is a list of confederate soldiers who fought for your state. every one of them listed in this book, over 20,000 names — many of you related to — both black and white.”

Yes, really — Bright is trying to appeal to the blacks and make it like the battle flag is really their symbol.

He continues;

“We have this statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington. … Abraham Lincoln in his own words spoke that blacks that should not be allowed to vote or serve on juries.”

Someone needs to remind Bright here that Abraham Lincoln was also against black people being slaves, which the people in your book were fighting to preserve. The war wasn’t about black people’s ability to serve on a jury — it was about them being owned by another human being. Something that is wrong and by the way, your other book, the Bible, gets fundamentally wrong as well when it endorses and condones slavery throughout it’s text.

He then claims that the real reason that whites didn’t want slavery was to “keep the blacks out.” I really just have no words for that ignorance. I’ll just let them stand.

All this goes on (and more) until Bright once again circles back to the gay marriage thing — again!

He claims this all isn’t really about the confederate flag but that ‘over reaching federal government” just like it was in 1860. To Bright, South Carolina was right then and his ilk are right today. Lincoln and the north “just wanted to win a political argument.” according to his twisted view.

Bright diatribes into talking about how much he loves black people, cause Jessie Jackson can speak well and Clarence Thomas is “the greatest justice of our time.”

The latter statement was met with big laughs — in the chamber.

You would think Bright would stop there, or that someone would stop him.


Bright bounces between talking about slavery in Africa, Isis cakes being baked by Wal Mart and abortion with a randomness that will make your head spin.

I can’t explain anymore, you just need to see him go off HERE (Pt 1):



Fortunately Bright’s amendment was tabled swiftly by the rest of the Senate sans a few “confederate loyal” votes. The Senate also later voted 73-3 to remove the flag from the capital grounds.


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