Just When You Think Pat Can’t Be Crazier, He Flushes The Thorazine! (Video)

With political and religious ideas drawn directly from the year 700 A.D., Pat Robertson is making headlines for idiocy once again.  As first reported by Right Wing Watch News, the infamous host of the 700 Club is bold enough to suggest that President Obama should listen to his “fellow Africans,” and ban homosexuality.

His latest remarks were made in response to President Obama’s recent trip to Kenya. Highlighting a story from his own Christian Broadcast Network (the original fake news), Robertson began by quoting an unnamed Kenyan Christian leader.

“President Obama has an agenda against God.”

His remarks only go downhill from there; see the video for yourself here.

Oh please, Mr. Robertson!  Please STFU!  Foot-in-mouth disease ought to be renamed Robertson-Syndrome.

It is easy to write him off as just a crazy fool who is starting to look like Yoda, but unfortunately he still has an audience that believe in the garbage he spews.  The scary thing is that Robertson’s audience always votes.  It is important to remember that the kind of theocracy Robertson regularly suggests does exist, and the U.S. is at war with them.  But even the Taliban was undecided on how to punish homosexuals – throw them off buildings or just push a stone wall on top of them with a tank.  If we want to see an end to religious extremism abroad, shouldn’t we begin at home?  Perhaps Mr. Robertson is the one who should ‘go back to Africa.’