Watch: Dick Cheney Skewered by New White House Video

When news started leaking about the fresh set of lies Dick Cheney had prepared about Iran to sell his new book, I made several of the points the White House does brilliantly in this new YouTube video.

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, fresh off a symbolic vote against the Iran Deal, Speaker Boehner is once again talking litigation. The House has already sued the administration over Obamacare funding. A judge ruled last week that a portion of the lawsuit concerning employer mandates can move forward. The judge’s ruling says nothing about the merits of the case, merely that she didn’t believe it should be dismissed without a hearing. Nevertheless, it appears to have emboldened the Speaker.

Note to John Boehner: Congress appropriates funds — the Executive Branch administers said appropriations — ’twas ever thus, muttonhead.

Now John’s mulling over whether or not the White House “complied” with the letter of the law, when they failed to produce the text of Iran’s sealed agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), regarding their compliance with the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). This is what war mongers like to refer to as the “secret side deal” which allows Iran to develop a nuclear weapon (it doesn’t).

Note to John Boehner: the JCPOA is an international political accord between governments, not a treaty. That may seem like semantics, or debate dodgeball, but the political realities of dealing with a dysfunctional Congress made it necessary. If you need a refresher course in the futility of getting advice and consent from Congress for a treaty, please review their behavior regarding The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. You people should all be ashamed of yourselves.

As the latest nation to sign the NPT (which actually IS an international treaty), Iran will be forever prohibited from having a nuclear weapon. Advice and consent has already been granted for the NPT — Iran is simply the latest nation state to agree to its strictures. This “side deal” is separate from the JCPOA restrictions and requirements, but the Iran Deal does establish a timetable for compliance. Iran’s agreement to abide by the NPT doesn’t “sunset,” or expire in 10 or 15 years, as other restrictions imposed by the JCPOA do. Saying otherwise is just another lie.

If conservatives want to object, or attempt to sue the administration, they should at least do so armed with the facts. The U.S. House had never before sued a sitting president in all of U.S. history — what do you suppose changed? It’s my opinion that Congress simply found new and improved ways of calling someone “uppity.” The common thread running though it all, which I noted when Dick Cheney started peddling his latest web of lies in book form — is the willingness of the modern-day conservative to legislate bold-faced lies.

Congress hasn’t passed one single spending bill for the new fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, and it seems unlikely that they will before the deadline. TEApublicans in Congress, based largely on their own confirmation bias, have been more than willing to believe the malicious lies being spread about Planned Parenthood. So white-hot is their rage, they’ve expressed a willingness to flush billions of tax dollars down the drain by shutting down the government — again — if they can’t stop federal financial support for contraceptive care and health services for a largely underrepresented group of Americans in the communities Planned Parenthood serves.

It doesn’t matter if the claims are true or not (they’re not). It doesn’t matter that a ban on federal funding for abortion has been attached to every appropriations bill since 1976 (it has). It doesn’t matter that an already shaky financial market will once again react negatively (it already is). And it doesn’t seem to matter that close to a million government employees will once again be furloughed because of their stubborn refusal to face the truth.

Note to John Boehner: you haven’t been in control of the House since you took the gavel. Cry if you must, but everyone agrees Nancy Pelosi’s 111th Congress was the most productive since the 1960s — and yours is running dead last.

You and Leader McConnell have both said publicly you want to avoid a shutdown, Mr. Speaker, while Goldman Sachs says “our best guess is that Congress will narrowly avoid [a shutdown].” Please find a way to get it done, but if you can’t — again — at least spare us more of your crocodile tears and finger pointing down Pennsylvania Avenue. Call me if you need more free advice.

You’re welcome.

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