WATCH: Democrats Bypass GOP Censorship And Call Out Paul Ryan Via Facebook / Periscope (VIDEO)

Today, the House Democrats began an ‘Occupy-style’ sit-in protest over Congress’s inaction on what they and 80 to 90 percent of Americans call ‘sensible gun legislation.’ The GOP responded by blacking out C-Span in order to squash anything from getting out to the public as they were caught totally flat-footed and off-guard by the historic and unprecedented move. This is the age of social media, however, and that wasn’t going to happen.

Representatives quickly took to using their smartphones and began broadcasting on Periscope, a streaming service owned by Twitter, and Facebook Live.  C-Span, who is under no obligation to only broadcast from the ‘official’ cameras in the chamber, began to carry footage of the protest as well.  Then cable news networks and just about everyone else began to run clips from the House floor.

So, despite the attempt to squash free speech in the House chamber, the GOP have failed in preventing anything from getting out. This does not look good for the republicans.

Among the best clips was California representative John Garamendi scolding Paul Ryan, the GOP speaker of the House who could call for a vote at anytime, but refuses.

Check out Garamendi HERE:

Mr Speaker! Where are you Mr Speaker? Are you willing to lead? Are you willing to keep Americans safe? Or are you hiding Mr Speaker? From the responsibilities and duties that this house gave you. We want a vote!

Critics of the GOP on the issue of gun legislation point to the NRA as the driving force behind the denial of any vote by either chamber of Congress. The NRA has lobbied and donated millions to various legislators and PACs to ensure Americans have an unfettered access to the firearm of their choice. Even simple measures like universal background checks and stopping people on terrorist watch lists from obtaining guns, especially semi-automatic and automatic ‘assault’ weapons can’t even get a vote on the floor. Democrats today said ‘enough is enough.’

The protests drew support from fellow Democrat and liberal Senators like Dick Durbin, who called for public pressure to help get a vote. Bernie Sanders also went to the House Floor to show his support.

Many of the representatives have vowed to sit-in until they get the promise of a vote or ‘hell freezes over.’

You can catch the sit-in LIVE on Facebook Live HERE.


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