WATCH: Chris Christie Claims ‘Port Authority Scandal NOT A Stain On His Administration’ (Video)

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Chris Christie thinks that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton need to be more like him when it comes to scandals. The New Jersey Governor came on Meet The Press this Sunday and said that because he stood up and answered questions for an hour or so last year, so should they — and everyone who works for them.

First off, Christie forgets that the people who work for Christie haven’t answered questions at his behest, in fact four of Christie’s closest confidants are either under investigation, under indictment or have pled guilty to criminal charges in relation to the “Bridgegate” scandal.

Four Christie aides are currently either under investigation, under indictment or have pled guilty to criminal charges. No stain here.
Four Christie aides are currently either under investigation, under indictment or have pled guilty to criminal charges. No stain here.

By contrast, Secretary Clinton isn’t under ANY criminal investigation, nor has she ever been. In fact for over two decades Clinton has been the target of ‘scandals’ brought by GOP partisans but has never even been indicted. Likewise, the ‘IRS Scandal’ produced no criminal indictments whatsoever.

Here’s the clip;

Christie claims it’s not a stain cause “nothing has been proven.” That is not true. David Wildstein has pleaded guilty to his role. That is ‘proof’ Governor Christie.

In the other cases, it is true that nothing has been settled and all are innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps the New Jersey governor needs to realize that too as he accuses people of having a “stain” when they have never been indicted vs his people who have. Christie himself has been not charged on any crime at the time of this writing.

We will see what happens with two upcoming trials for Bridget Ann Kelly and Bill Baroni. The other case, however, can’t be seen as anything but a “stain” on Christie’s leadership. David Samson was Christie’s mentor. The port authority job was one of those “plum” assignments that Christie gave to his mentor. the most interesting thing is that the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal isn’t really the issue here, it just lead to another potentially much larger scandal involving United Airlines and the Newark Airport.

As Mother Jones reports;

But the probe of Samson raised the possibility that United Airlines ran an illegal influence campaign to convince Samson to lower flight fees at Newark Liberty Airport and approve millions in spending to improve the airport. (The Port Authority is the airport’s chief regulator.) According to WYNC, “United’s overtures included a special flight route that benefited the Port Authority’s former chairman David Samson; campaign contributions; fancy lunches and dinners; and meetings with top officials, including Christie.”

Remember, though … this isn’t a “stain” on Christie’s administration. Also, notice Christie isn’t standing up answering 90 minutes worth of questions about Samson, United Airlines and his state’s largest airport. So far the United CEO has already resigned and the Airline is running for legal cover.

Not a stain, according to Christie. Remember that time that Chris Christie called on the Chairman at United Airlines to answer questions for an hour and a half and not resign then go into hiding? Me neither.

Rachel Maddow did an excellent report on this story. Check it out HERE;

What a stand-up guy Chris Christie is, eh?




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