Watch: Bill Maher Sums Up Why America Is Sick Of Being Tracked ALL THE TIME (Video)

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There are over 6,000 surveillance cameras on the streets of New York, Bill Maher points out in this week’s closing editorial which always comes at the end of his “New Rules” segment. According to some, like former mayor Michael Bloomberg, we are all supposed to “get used to it”.

“Well I don’t want to get used it!” Maher slammed back, and he’s right.

The “big brother” tactics of not just government but the corporate world has gotten out of hand. Everything is tracked, traced and recorded.

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Maher shows you don’t have to be a libertarian to be a civil libertarian. He points out examples from all sides of the aisle of people who were ruined or had their reputations ruined by having their private life thrown into the public eye.

It’s not only that, however, but how everything we buy online causes all our ads instantly adjust to the purchase — in kind of a creepy way. Buy some shoes, all of a sudden facebook thinks you are obsessed with shoes and throws 5,000 advertisements at you about shoes.

Yes, we do in a modern society require some surveillance and security but Maher makes a great and concise argument on why we all need to take a step back and “not get used to it” as we are being told.


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