WATCH: Bill Maher Endorses Bernie Sanders — Then Rakes Him Over The Coals (Video)

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Bill Maher greeted Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) with a couple of jokes such as suggesting the last person that was this old and caused this much of a ruckus was Mick Jagger and pointing out that after the debate more people searched Bernie than for Justin Beiber’s penis. After the laughs, Bill actually went into a pretty good interview. he cross-examined Sanders better than most. He began by going straight into having Sanders explain what ‘Democratic Socialism’ is.  Sanders gave a pretty good explanation of what he is pushing for — namely his income inequality mantra, describing how most people are coming to realize the obscenity of the ‘distribution of wealth’ to the richest one percent.

From there, Bill dug deeper. Maher challenged the Presidential candidate about his health care plan, and it’s feasibility. He had Sanders explain how he would pay for most of his initiatives, which Sanders did well. Whether people agree with his methodology remains to be seen, but he was about as straightforward as a politician gets.

Maher pointed out how other groups like atheists and Muslims are ‘more acceptable choices’ for President than a Socialist according to recent polls. Sanders countered by pointing out that he is doing what he is doing without a SuperPAC and with the largest amount of small individual donations in the history of campaigns.

When the dust settled, Maher gave a full-throated endorsement of Sanders declaring he will be donating to him, he wants him to win the nomination and win the Presidency. It was actually one of the toughest interviews I’ve seen Sanders go through, which is surprising considering Maher’s endorsement.

Check out the interview (sans the NSFW jokes) HERE;

But wait … there’s more!!!

During the panel segment, Maher did a great short piece that was about when Bernie Sanders says one thing, Republicans hear another …

Check out that bit and have a good laugh HERE;

If that isn’t enough Bernie Sanders for you, as an extra bonus, check out this endorsement  by Seth McFarlane from Sanders’s Los Angeles rally earlier this week HERE;

Real Time with Bill Maher is on HBO — Friday @ 10 pm et.


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