WATCH: Bernie Sanders Eviscerates The GOP And Calls Out Hillary Clinton After The Opening Debate (Video)

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The first of two debates for the GOP ran on Fox this evening. Seven candidates stood up in front of America and told the American people what they would do “if elected.” According to Bernie Sanders, who currently is running a “strong second” for the Democratic Party primary so far, the opening act only proved how extremist the GOP has become.

South Carolina Senator Graham promised war and more mass surveillance if elected. Rick Santorum promised to ignore current and established laws in the name of “freedom” or something. Governor George Pataki tried to convince the right wingers he is really way more right wing on abortion than they understand. Jim Gilmore, when not caught in a loop reciting his resume like Graham promised to expand government snooping — something Carly Fiorina wholeheartedly endorsed. Both candidates agreed that corporations and government should essentially gang up on the American people and just snoop “anytime – anywhere.”

Meanwhile Bobby Jindal tried to pretend like his in state popularity wasn’t in the dumpster to the point he would get beat by Hillary Clinton in Louisiana head to head. He also joined the bandwagon to cut Planned Parenthood despite admitting that PP doesn’t even do ANY abortions in his state.

Rick Perry tried to look intelligent in his new glasses but spoke in broken soundbites often jumping from topic to topic without warning or cause. Perry also tried to come off as strong on immigration then contradicting himself back and forth over the matter of the ‘border being secure.’ First he claimed he “looked Obama in the eye” and told him either he (Obama) secure the border or he (Perry) would. He then claimed he did. Minutes later he spoke of a porous border. Later he jumped back to the border being secure, because of him … and so on …

After they were done explaining how they would take us to war, snoop in everything, deny women’s rights and be as mean as possible to anyone with a Latino background, Sanders reminded them what Americans actually care about.

Sanders pointed out Americans overwhelmingly support things they didn’t even mention like minimum wage being a livable wage, ending police brutality and the police state tactics in general, health care for all Americans, standing up for voting rights including overturning Citizens United and real campaign finance reform. More investments in schools, clean and renewable energies and recognizing climate change as fact and acting accordingly.

After taking down the GOP extremists, Sanders reminded the Clinton campaign, who is talking like there is no primary and Hillary has already won (see clip below) that he plans on having a say in the upcoming primary and perhaps she shouldn’t count her chickens before they hatch.

Check out Sanders HERE:

For an example of the “JV circuit” debate, also called the happy hour debate — See Senator Graham promising more ‘boots on the ground” perpetual war if elected. Keep in mind this was a question on women’s health care and the GOP “war on women.”

See him turn anything into a declaration of war HERE:

Don’t let it be missed that according to the Senator, unless you are in a Burka, being beaten daily and denied all rights, you ladies should be thanking your lucky stars! You don’t need any of those silly ole “equal rights” — just be glad for the ones you have.

Is it any wonder he’s single, girls?


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