WATCH: An American Folk Musician Claims To Hold The Secret To Finally Ending ISIS’s Reign Of Terror In Syria

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James Twyman is a rather optimistic, folk musician who hails from Portland, OR and has a quite unusual plan to end the violence and bloodshed currently afoot in the war-ravished and impoverished Nation of Syria. Mr. Twymam believes that he has discovered the method by which ISIS will finally end all of their bloodshed and violence, and essentially become pacifists overnight.

This somewhat over-enthusiastic folk singer is planning to hold a concert in an undisclosed ISIS-controlled territory, just inside of the Syrian border with Isreal on January 31. The New York Daily News reported: Twyman plans to fly into Isreal, cross the border into Syria and attempt to gather together a handful of local Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders who he says will join him on stage to display unity, while he performs Islamic prayers set to folk music the group of militant terrorists. While James sings Muslim prayers to members of the terrorist group, millions if people across the globe will allegedly be simultaneously praying for peace. Twyman’s idea is that upon hearing his music for the first time, these savage terrorists will instantly realize the error of their ways, join hands, sway side to side and from that day forward become peace loving, non-militant hippies.

While I have nothing but the highest and most positive hopes for this brave, yet quite naive young man, I truly fear that he is signing his own death certificate by following through with this ridiculously insane concert. I doubt that Twyman’s plan will amount to anything more than his unnecessary and untimely execution, however, this is one of the rare occasions that I hope to be proven wrong.

Watch James Twyman explain his idea in the video clip below:



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