WATCH: A Backpedaling Jeb Tries To Defend George — Fails Miserably, Again (Video)

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Jeb Bush went on Hannity to defend his brother against more attacks from Donald Trump. The billionaire candidate made headlines this weekend when he claimed that Jeb’s brother George Bush did not keep us safe. Trump also contended that a Trump presidency, had it existed in 2001 would have stopped the attacks. Most reasonable people have rejected the latter claim, but Jeb was very much on the defensive on the former charge. Per usual, Jeb began his back pedal on that issue, conceding that on September 11, 2001 — his brother didn’t keep us safe. He then ‘clarified’ by saying that for the next 2600+ days that his brother George kept us safe. That was a backpedal from his tweet which left some heads scratching …



On what he said in that tweet and on tonight’s follow-up (video below) … Really?

Onto the video …

Jeb claims in the video below that Trump has a wrong-headed view of history. Perhaps Jeb needs a refresher;

  • Shortly after the planes hit the buildings, there was the Anthrax attack. No one ever did catch that person during Bush’s tenure. 
  • Then there were the DC Sniper attacks, which took more lives and wounded others. 
  • There were 13 ‘Benghazi-style’ attacks during the Bush years. Granted, not all resulted in American deaths, but some did and all had deaths. 
  • Then there was Iraq. Thousands of deaths, all on a lie … then  it gave birth to ISIS. 

While Trump may be wrong about his own retroactive ability to thwart the September 11 attacks, Even after his back pedal, Jeb still doesn’t get that plenty happened during his watch after the aforementioned attacks. Maybe he just doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘safe?’

Check out the clip HERE:


Bush also thinks that we all should just ‘tip our hat’ to his brother and ignore everything that actually happened on his watch. I’ll just stop here and let y’all ponder that one.




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