Warren Hits A Homer Off Of Shilling’s Failed Trump Pitch (VIDEO)

Curt Shilling pitched a bad game on Saturday when he threw a Trump Rally that about 15 people showed up for in Downtown Boston. After bringing home two coveted world series titles, you would think he would have drawn a bigger crowd.

After being dismissed from ESPN for expressing his far to the right views, Shilling now makes his home with a show on Breitbart, an alt right media outlet.

Perhaps It Was The Anti-Semitic Remarks Shilling Made On CNN.

Shilling made a lot of people fairly angry around the nation when he posed the question to CNN’s Jake Tapper of why Jews typically vote Democrat. Tapper seemed a little taken aback at first but continued on as a consummate professional and replied that he didn’t represent all Jews.

This alone shows why the Hall of Famer  should seriously reconsider his bid against Senator Warren.

Mr. Shilling is a baseball player. He is not a polished politician, not that it takes a polished politician to realize how incredibly offensive that question is to many people. Mr. Shilling seemed to not even notice his misstep.

Warren Knocks Curt Schilling Out Of The Park

Curt Shilling Trump Rally


After Mr. Shillings’ abysmal turnout the next day at his Trump Rally, he may have thought that this was as demoralized as he could get as a budding politician. Batter up! Here comes the fiery progressive from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

Senator Warren has been fighting her way to the top of a man’s world most of her life. From obtaining her law degree to becoming the only tenured law professor at Harvard to have received their degree from a public university, Warren is certainly a fighter.

The Senator from Massachusetts has been well known among progressives for tearing corporate heads off and emasculating powerful politicians on the Senate Floor. And Warren most certainly has skin in the game. So when she was asked about what she thought of Curt Shilling running for office? Well, the response simply cannot be put into words. Check out her snarky reply below.


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