Vows Be Damned – Pandemonium On Display For The World From The GOP

We all knew that the GOP was entering troubled waters when the Republican National Committee asked Trump to sign a pledge that he wouldn’t run as an Independent back in August of last year. Committee Chairman Reince Priebus had asked all candidates not to make a third-party run and threatened to hold back data on Republican voters from any candidate who wouldn’t pledge support to the Republican party. They also had threatened to ban Trump from debating. Of course, Trump was likely the only candidate with the momentum and wealth to make a run at all as an Independent-hence the need for this unusual pledge.

Fox News personality, Bret Baier, pressed the candidates further in the Republican debate at Fox Theater, in Detroit, Michigan, on March 3rd. He asked all of the candidates if they would support the nominee, and in particular, the Donald. They unequivocally said they would. They were put on the spot, of course, and they most likely didn’t have any real inkling that Trump would get the support across the country that it turns out he has now.

As of today, March 30th, 2016, it is clear that the promises of the candidates on this night, and the pledge that Trump had made to the RNC have all been torpedoed into smithereens. The in-fighting of the candidates has been a strange spectacle for the world, right from the first debate, but now it seems that any shred of honor for their pledges has been reduced to the theatrics one might imagine at a hair-pulling contest in a drunken sorority spat on initiation night.

Are they Presidential candidates or Pledges for a strange club that the American public has now been frightfully made aware of?

To sum up the positions of Ted Cruz, and John Kasich today, watch this short clip:

Clearly, the illusion of of cooperation is long gone. Trump has been going on and on in drama queen fashion about being treated unfairly by the RNC. He had claimed that they were ‘in default’ on their part of the pledge for inviting special interest people, lobbyists, and donors to a campaign event near Charleston in February. But what human alive in the US would have thought that improbable, given the current state of political affairs, where the candidates are virtually owned by corporate interests? Apparently that offended Trump, or maybe, that pledge was always on shaky, opportunistic grounds to begin with. Some might call that pledge a joke to begin with.

Well Trump is back to crying foul again, citing criticism from commentators and Mittens Romney. A moment that will also not soon be forgotten was also when Trump made the childish comment of, “I didn’t start it,” over the war of insults he’s been having with Ted Cruz and his wife. Anderson Cooper called it the ‘argument of a five year old,’ to which Trump responded that Anderson’s thinking was what was wrong with the country. This kind of behavior has led to Ted Cruz and John Kasich to go back on their words to support Trump, and who really, can blame them. But the whole farcical bid for President by the GOP has been a bombastic cacophony of absurd squawks and irrelevant posturing, with no substance of any kind offered to the American people.

With the GOP in total disarray, this does bode well for the run by Hillary and Bernie. If they can’t compete against these buffoons, and if Americans don’t turn out to keep the GOP as far away from the White House as they possibly can, then there is clearly no hope left for America. Some of us will be looking at our backup plans to move to another country if the apathy of the voters would elect one of these Republican fools.

Canada, you never looked so good!

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