Samuel L. Jackson To Georgians: Stop Trump With ‘Great Vengeance And Furious Anger’

Samuel L. Jackson

A hotly contested special election in Georgia is gaining national attention as for the first time in three decades a Democratic candidate is showing real promise in flipping the district for the party. The unlikely hero leading the charge? 30-year-old Jon Ossoff. A young attorney with an ambition for turning Georgia’s sixth district blue. And Samuel L. Jackson is throwing the weight behind his name into the fray to swing the vote for the young would-be Congressman hoping to land a symbolic post-election win against Trumpism. 

But according to Jere Wood, the long-time Republican mayor of Roswell, Georgia, the voters in the sixth tend to be older and vote for the more familiar. Wood also alluding to the area’s base as having a more bigoted viewpoint. According to his statement in The New Yorker:

“This isn’t a youth vote up here. This is a mature voter base. If someone is going down the list, they’re gonna vote for somebody who is familiar. If you just say ‘Ossoff,’ some folks are gonna think, ‘Is he Muslim? Is he Lebanese? Is he Indian?’ It’s an ethnic-sounding name, even though he may be a white guy, from Scotland or wherever.”

Looks like the residents of Roswell, Georgia should probably get a new mayor that doesn’t think they are racists.

Samuel L. Jackson isn’t sitting on the sidelines and neither is the DCCC. With Ossoff having raised millions for a seat which normally garners about ten grand, the fight is certainly on and the Hollywood heavyweight working to get out the vote for Ossoff could be exactly what the Democrats need to cinch the win in Georgia. Only time will tell if the Resistance is enough to rally people to the polls where their voice and opposition really count.

Check out Samuel L. Jackson’s ad below and if you live in Georgia or know people who do, tell them to do more than protest. Get to a phone bank or do some door knocking. Elections are won by the people, not by the politicians running for office or the celebrities that endorse them.

Featured image via screen capture of Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic speech in the film Pulp Fiction as seen in this clip from Miramax.



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